Well I have been labeled treatment resistant in pretty much

well I have been labeled treatment resistant in pretty much everything I have... and my therapist dropped me because I was labeled treatment resistant. docs stopped all my meds because of it too.

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Don't let what they labeled you define you as hard as that might be. There will be another therapist that will be willing to work with you ... as I've been through it myself. Don't give up because YOU ARE WORTHY & WORTH IT NO MATTER WHAT they say!

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@WiredWrongWoman it just feels like nothing works and ever has. am I really worth trying?

I felt like you not long ago. The most important thing you can do is not give up. Of course there will always be ups & downs along the way but keep trying

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@WiredWrongWoman my mood dropped like 100 miles after our convo, but I thank you for this. I do keep trying, but I can’t even keep a steady mood to save my life.

I relate to this. I feel like I'm a step away from this myself. But just because they can't help you, doesn't mean there's no hope.

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I have PTSD and was labed tretment resistant. I spent 12 times in the mental hospital over four and a half years. I gave up hope. However hope found me, in a drug called Latuda. Don't give up... Or relax and give up just so you can relax and have the pressure off your back but know there is always more out there, it's a big world.

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How do you do on Latuda?
My moods can change with in seconds of each other at times

So sorry to hear that

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aside of western medicine i am looking for other options myself like meditation ayahuasca, iboga, yoga etc

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don't let a label define your life. As long as you believe you are treatment resistant, a difficult patient, or that nothing will work, nothing will work. Believe in your ability to fight your way out, you are amazing and deserving of happiness.

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