Well I just signed up to this site & I don't know what to wr

Well I just signed up to this site & I don't know what to write about. I guess I will start as to the reason why I did. Ummm I got divorced almost 6 yrs ago & have been in a depression slump ever since & have pretty much became like a hermit ever since. Whenever I do go out to do normal things, I put on a happy face but I know that inside I feel empty & sad. Well here is another reason to be sad, I just found out yesterday that I tested positive for HSV2. That's a huge shocker since I have haven't been intimate with anyone since my Ex-hubby. Well I'm in extreme pain here & I don't know what to do.

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I got it from my ex too. I havent had a breakout yet but feel free to talk to me.

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Dear Dolphingirl,
Welcome to sg. I've been here about 2 weeks, and I've found a lot of kind, decent people here, who are wise and supportive. I'm so sorry for your 6-year depression, and for the bad medical news you got yesterday. I'm not divorced nor do I have herpes, (I am depressed sometimes), so I'm no expert. But others here are. I just wanted to say "Welcome," and I hope you will find support here!

Thank you both for talking to me. I hope this can be the first step to breaking down the walls that i created for myself. The Dr told me that I may never have an outbreak since I've never had one. I now don't even know how to begin to tell people about being HSV2 positive. I mean if I were to go out on a date, is telling men this info going to be a normal dating topic? I kinda feel like that part of my life is over now, ya know?!!

@Dolphingirl2 That part of your life is not over. You can still lead a full, happy life. As for talking about it, if you are just on a date you don’t have to tell them right away. But you do have to tell them before you become intimate. Never having any outbreaks is kind of a good thing. You’d be surprised at how well a lot of people take in that information. Just take it one step, one day at a time

Hello thanks for jumping on board our group. Im sure you are no doubt bewildered how after all this time. Well its a strange virus to say the least. So the first ob is known to be the worst. If not on.meds get back to your gp. Try cornstarch, honey or tea tree which i believe help with the blisters. We all have the same thoughts you are and feel like our world has turned upside down. It does get better. Best advice....do your research about the virus so you understand how it works, risks and precautions. Focus on being healthy mind and body. Read up here you will get support advice and you will see it does get better and your not alone. Dating...you still can. You disclose when its the right time. You dont fess up straight up. If it doesnt work youve told them something personal. If you need support tell those you can trust not to judge.

I don't know when I got it & I don't know if any of my previous partners have it/gave it to me. I don't know if I should tell them or even how to tell them. I've been looking it up and I was completely unaware that when you normally get tested for STD'S that they don't run it for herpes. So for as long as I remember I thought I was clean, until I was last tested. I asked my Dr. to run a full screening & that's how I found out. I don't understand why they don't screen for herpes. The only explanation my research has come up with is that the C.D.C deems it "physiologically damaging" to the patient & they don't see any benifit in knowing since there is no cure for it.

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Its odd how they dont test for it particularly as its on the rise with those getting and besides it can be horribly painful and mentally damagaing so why would you not test for. I guess in terms of other partners unless they have had no symptoms they probably know they have it. But if not they could be unknowingly putting others at risk. All you can do is tell them how it is and you felt it was responsible to tell them incase they have it unknowingly.

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