Well...I pretty much let covid be an excuse for me going bac

Well...I pretty much let covid be an excuse for me going back in for follow-up mammogram from last July 2020. I was told to come back & get a strange calcified area on the right breast ( not even the side that was concerning me in the first place!) rescanned.
I have not been able to schedule it - I am frozen in fear. Lost my mom to BC but she wouldve gotten the disease at a lot younger age than I am now. Sadly, my child went thru rare, catastrophic illness & Ive spent a lifetime supporting and hanging out in treatment events.
I know this is totally irrational...like Im trying to hold back the hand of God.
Already cope w/ depression & anxiety...have nothing left in the tank to emotionally combat major medical issue.
My support sibs no longer support me.
Feeling old when im not that old yet.

Oh hun, I know you are scared. But you need to check it out, be brave and let me know when you schedule it!

@CKBlossom Ok, I know you are right i need to schedule it. god I just hate going back into these medical centers by myself. My daughter lives SO far away, that is never an option. Just sick of dealing with heavy issues on my own…it tears you up.
I’ll let you know , thanks for replying

@CKBlossom no, but I have not completely rejected the idea.
I am here. That is about all I can say but ppl like you and the SG family make life worthwhile. You remind me to make plans for my own health, for my self-respect and care. Thanks again.