Well im a teenager and i have acne in my back , i feel so na

well im a teenager and i have acne in my back , i feel so nasty and it hurts, i cant even put on tank tops or have my hair up just because of my back acne . I feel so embarrass and myy family makes fun of me . Ive tried alot of treatments but none of them work ... i dont know wat to do anymore

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I know you've mentioned that you have tried a lot of treatments,but have you tried acne medicated body washes? I actually use it. Just a suggestion. I'm sorry your family makes fun of you,that's really unkind. Also, if you sweat a lot, it might help to shower soon after a warm day or a walk, or whatever.Plus wear clothing that's not real tight against your skin. Also I noticed lotions broke me out a lot on my chest and back. They tend to clog pores. If you use lotions,it's best to find one that says it's non comedogenic, which means it won't clog your pores. Hope this helps. :)

I have had this same problem but on my face too. I finally realized that what we eat has a lot to do with how our skin reacts. Finally I realized that by cutting out dairy I was able to finally get clear skin. There are a lot of hormones in dairy products and hormone imbalance often causes breakouts. Try cutting out dairy (cheese and milk!!) and see if it helps... :) by the way.. dont base your self worth on others' opinions of you - you are beautiful and perfect as you are. <3 big hug to you - i know how you feel..

first off keep your chin up! from past experiences, i know how embarrassing back acne can be. you can't wear any cute tops that show your shoulders or your back. i had really bad acne too, and i tried everything that was over the counter. if you have honestly tried everything i would advice you to go to the dermatologist! but makes sure your back is always properly cleaned, drink lots of water, and use unscented soaps that are made for acne treatment!