Well I'm in a emotional Crash the guy I was seeing got freak

Well I'm in a emotional Crash the guy I was seeing got freaked out and don't want to be with me. :(

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It wasn't even for the fact I have herpes. I don't know what to do I'm sad confessed. I reached out to my brother in law he just laughed. Alla I can do is cry I guess that's what I'm going to do Untill I Fall asleep.

Hey u need a chat? M here

@summertimesadness I have no.idea I’m so messed up and it don’t help.I’m having a small out break. I told him to come by and talk to me tomorrow and if he wanted to.try having a relationship again it was up to him. Trying to be nice and understanding but. I don’t know what he’s going to say. He probably don’t sadly.

@bloodyskittles take it easy dear it is not the end of the world there are many wonderful things that are supposed to happen to you.

@Manisa I know. He was the first person that accepted everything.

Thats rare to find. I wish he would accept this as well. Abt 80% people have it in their system and they dont even know it. If he ran away from chances are he can get from anyone. You could do so much to not to spread it to him which is easy. Its ok dear its difficult i understand. If it makes u feel any better, i recently was diagonised and i am married jst 5 months we r devasted. He wont even talk to me he thinks i knew and didnt tell him. I come from a reserved background i will be disowned by family coz of this.

Jst take it easy and enjoy life for as you have it. Just let things fall in place.

@Manisa he don’t have it he got freaked over a stupid dream I had about us saying we loved each other. That’s what scared him into not wanting to be with me.

Oh god m sorry tht was stupid of me. Take it easy sweety if he loves you things will fall in place.

@Manisa it’s ok.

Truth is he did you a favor. You're better off. If he is going to leave you over a dream what do you think he would if something real actually happened in your life? Life is too short to be dating men who act like children. I know it hurts now but trust me it doesn't last forever. Screw him. NEXT!!!!!

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