Well I'm new to all this but i figured i'd give it a try

well I’m new to all this but i figured i’d give it a try since i’ve been feeling so low these last couple months. My now ex-boyfriend gave me herpes and once i was diagnosed we never talked about it. As things began to unravel I tried to hold on because i was so afraid of being single with herpes. Before all this i was confident and felt like i knew who i was and what i wanted and needed. Now i feel lost, embarrassed and scared of the future. How do I deal with this diagnoses and dating? I just feel dirty and like any boy would just freak and run.

I feel a bit of the same way. It's a relatively new diagnosis for me..within the last month. I still get down over what the future might hold for me in the relationship department. I think how will a guy ever accept me with this? But I have told some of my guy friends and actually one that wants a FWB kind of thing and he didn't run. I just don't want that. So far nobody has reacted badly when I told them. Granted they aren't potential partners more or less people to practice on lol but they give me hope that others will accept me too. I still have bad days but just try and take things day by day. Kind of like how I am losing weight...bits a time...small goals otherwise if I said I have to lose 80 pounds it would be a little overwhelming. Bask in the good days...lean on others when the bad days come. I find everyone here very supportive and 2 of my friends that I told. It will get better...stay strong.