Well it has came to my attention that my wife has been visit

Well it has came to my attention that my wife has been visiting this site also and reading what I have been posting and saying, I felt this was a safe place to vent and talk to others going through similar situations, but I guess for me that’s not the case.. so I hope everyone the best and keep your heads up.

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My husband never once came here and for that I'm glad. Not sure how I would have felt. Is it guilt? I think I would feel violated once again if it was done under secrecy.

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My wife kept asking me which support group site I have been reading/venting and I did not say. At first she was curious what I was writing or reading. She is over it now and actually doing the work needed to rebuild our marriage. She is doing much better. I hope your wife stops doing that eventually and focusing on her work instead... Good luck

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My wife is doing the work and all but yeah my whole reason for coming on here is to talk to others that have went through this not to be monitored by the person who had the affair.

Private message some of the people here so that you still have a support system

@Betrayedbyasexaddict how do you PM people?

I'm sorry, i always log off and shut down. Although i don't know if my husband would be able to find me on here. So many of the feelings, stories mimic my situation. But then i wonder if he did locate me, and read what i wrote if he would have a better understanding of what he did to us.

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Wow. Good luck.

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I really do not care if my husband reads what I say he is the one who created this mess and the person I have become. If it hurts him to hear how I feel about him that is to bad he ruined our marriage and relationship when he chose to cheat now he had to start all over with me but it is not easy because I do not feel the same way about him and the trust is gone. It sucks!

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I understand what your saying but it just feels like another nail in the coffin.

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