Well it is getting worse, but maybe not as sharp as it was

well it is getting worse, but maybe not as sharp as it was. I have Trophis in a vertebra of my lower spine. It is where one or more of the vertebra is deformed and doesn't match up with the rest of the spine. when we found out about it the Dr. told me it could lead to it hitting and hurting some nerves around it. I had just turned 19 at the time and had never had much discomfort from it, but this year it has started hitting a (or many) nerves in my back sending me straight to my knees with sharp, lightning like pain and keeps me there for about 5- 10 mins. This happens at random for seam-ably no reason. well today I can't hardly move and laying here trying to stop this pain, is giving me time to think maybe a little too much.. And It is very had to find info on and both dr.s have said there is nothing to be done past meds.. Kinda scared I will wake up one day and never walk again after because of it somehow..

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Hi Storm, Sorry u have to deal with this. It's must be so painful and difficult to deal with. And on top of everything else. U r in my prayers...

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ty sue, you are in mine as well. I have been doing better on the other side of things lately, and I am doing better today. Woo for being able to move.. Just kinda sucks..

@Stormhealer sucks to hear, hope everything gets better for you soon, storm.

It happens.. good to see you stayed on the site wolf, hope it helps.

@Stormhealer would you be able to message me, please?

@Stormhealer I'm sorry to hear you are in so much pain. When you were 1st diagnosed at 19 did they tell you anything then about surgery that could be possible, or did they just tell you that you had to live with it taking pain medication? Hope you start to feel better soon

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Ty @ ColaWars. I really hate taking meds so I am seeking other options, but they keep telling me there is nothing.. I don't qualify for any thing and to make that worse they can't even agree what I should do to try to help my self. One says rest and go about your life, the other says exercise and go about your life.. The real problem is how random it is, so it's not like I can go to the Dr. right then. It doesn't seam to be a movement thing because I can bend an move normal until it hits the nerve again, then I have to rest for a week after before it is fully gone..

@Stormhealer I’m sorry to hear that your doctors can’t even agree on what works best for you. I know bed rest can help, but I also know that bedrest and muscle relaxers and pain killers combined can help you feel better faster. The key is to keep to the bed rest even if the meds make you feel better. I hate that it causes you so much pain for so long. Maybe you could try that combination out just to see if it helps you get off the bed rest a couple of days sooner. I too suffer from back pain (not as bad as you), but I have found that muscle relaxers, pain meds, and best rest is the best combination that helps me the most. Maybe try it out? See what happens? Just a suggestion

I am. ty.

@Stormhealer Ok, so you are trying it out. Good. I hope it helps you. Just a word to the wise. Even if you feel better when taking the meds, do NOT try to do something you normally wouldn’t during your bed rest. If you do, when the pain med wears off you will hurt twice as bad. Just stay in bed and do what you normally do, even if the medications make you feels better. Let me know how it turns out. Good luck

yeah, dont ignore bed rest like my dumbass did

@Krazesaber Those pain meds will mess you up, make you think your feeling good. Then they wear off and Bam! You’ve got twice the pain now!