Well, I've finally notified the people I have been with sexu

Well, I've finally notified the people I have been with sexually active with this past month. (My husband and I were part of the swinging lifestyle up until I started having symptoms, just to clarify.) That was the hardest thing. The feeling of being alienated by some of our closest friends, but we got the complete opposite. Most are in this lifestyle knowing the risks going in. I was actually applauded for having the courage to say something. It really sucks that this has happened but I keep telling myself, I will not die from this.

What made you want to tell and not keep it a secret? So that you'd be able to continue to participate in the swinging group with a clear conscience?

I just found out a couple days ago. I stopped immediately, saw the doc and cried for a day, then called my friends. My husband and I will no longer be in that lifestyle, unless the friends that know are completely informed and are still wanting that kind of relationship. We both still have a lot to learn.

I'm sorry you found out this way. I found out a couple years ago during my relationship with my gf. I thought she gave me something because I hadn't had sex with anyone else for a year. Turns out she didn't have anything!

I’m still getting the hang of the way this thread works. lol.
My husband isn’t showing any symptoms at all. I’m also diabetic with a weakened immune system too. Lucky me! Doc says that people test negative sometimes especially when there are no visible sores. Or that you could have the virus for years unknowingly until you have an outbreak brought on by sickness, stress, surgery, etc. Stupid how I knew so little going in to a lifestyle so serious. Still beating myself up a bit.

The more you read the more you realize it's not even a big deal. The "big deal" really just occurs with the dilemma of sex with a new person and the rejection you might face because of a meaningless skin condition. That's where all my stress comes from because I've never been a good liar and I don't think I could roam around having sex with women and keeping that secret. If you already have your husband, it would seem there's nothing to worry about....