....well let's see,....kind of excited about getting a new k

....well let's see,....kind of excited about getting a new kickstand,...woohooo! Took two test sockets later but I think my tech got it now. I'm jazzed. The one I'm using now is ok but I don't like using socks for padding my locking sleeve. Id rather not use anything except for a silver sheath inside my liner. My surgery was 9/15/93, so I'm not exactly a rookie. To the people that are new to limb loss, please be patient and try to remember it will get better if you apply yourself. Folks have always asked me how I have adapted and I tell them it began in my brain, I wanted it! This hunk of plastic and metal IS my leg now and I need it. I had to train myself. As I told my doc,"give me the damned thing and I'll learn how to use it". I'm lucky, I never had anyone to really show me how to. Again,....be patient and ask your tech questions, learn the anatomy of residual limbs so you're speaking the same language. The only stupid question is the one that's not asked.

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