Well, some guy came in and sat down at a slot machine. He Wo

Well, some guy came in and sat down at a slot machine. He Won $2100.00
But wasn't a loud to collect. 6 months prior, he had put himself on the ban list. He had lost a lot of weight and grew a beard. He want recognized. But when he tried to get paid, his name came up. The winnings go to charity and he had to leave. Luckily.... he was a good sport about it.
I'ld be sick not being able to collect. Still.... A good lesson for him I think..

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why was he on the ban list?

@norseduncan Likely banned himself because he had a gambling problem.

ah. im not a gambler so I didn't know that. learned something new today!

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Most all addictions cost money and often ruin lives. An adduction to drugs might be as high as $2500.00 a day. To alcohol you might spend $100.00 bucks a day or more if you drink in bars. But Gambling addiction, you can literally bet and lose millions in a matter of minutes if you have the cash.
I’ve known good people that lost their homes. Others, house wives even, that went to jail for embezzlement charges. All due to gambling addiction. Gambling is fun and exciting. You can go with friends or by yourself. You can wine and dine while your there.
Psychologically, for the average gambler. They say that win or lose, its a great stress reliever. The average person takes just what they can lose to have an enjoyable night out. But others begin to become addicted due to many factors. Boredom and stress play a big part of gambling addiction. Win or lose many people look miserable either way. I recently saw a woman win $10,000.00 and stayed 8 or 9 hours more. She probably put most of it back into the Casino. All I can think of is, how many people she could have helped out with food, bills etc. But an adduction doesn’t let you think that way at all.