Well the good news is I’m out. The bad news is, it litera

Well the good news is I’m out.
The bad news is, it literally took all my day into the next. More arguing, more yelling, taking things away as I pack my clothes, pushing me, threatening to hurt me, threatening to keep to kids from me. Everything to the point where the cops were called not once but twice.
I can’t protect him anymore. He thinks he can treat anybody any kind of way, take things in my name, threaten me and then take the kids. I’m no longer protecting someone who doesn’t want to protect me from themselves.

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Do you feel safe at this moment?

I’m glad your putting yourself over others. If you don’t protect yourself, who really can? Yes, it’s much better to leave someone who is like him that threatens and abuses others. I’m proud of you!

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Thank goodness cops were involved to protect your safety. Stay away protection order is warranted. Local Family abuse agency will provide far better service than police in my experience. Anger is your power to establish and maintain clear boundaries. Very sorry you are going thru this horror. You are the one who needs protection, not him. He sounds selfish and only cares about himself and torturing you. :(

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Narcissistic injury is dangerous. Stay safe. He was all over the map, desperate for his source of supply. All narcs want is someone to abuse to make themselves feel better. It's the sickest kind of game. Congrats on not giving in to his threats. And BTW, protection orders can be given when threats are made. It sounds like you may need to go to your local court clerk. When you fill out the form, you can list all children under the age of 18.

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@kelly72 in my state, I believe we can include family members of any age. I was assisted by crisis center to fill out papers because I had forgotten certain instances: Not allowing me to make calls for help, ripping the phone of the wall… yes, Verbal threats of physical harm. Each state can be a little different with their requirements. Pushing and threatening definitely should qualify. @iCanBeStrong1: Police should have helped you leave the first time they came. Sorry they were not more effective. Keep a journal of all incidents and approximate dates that you remember. My ex. Assaulted me and I refused To press charges but luckily police officer did. It can be difficult to follow thru even though it is in our and our children’s best interest. Hope you are doing ok.