Well this new video notification came at the right time! I f

Well this new video notification came at the right time! I feel emotionally exhausted, and my self esteem is as well. I was starting to feel good about myself. I knew it would not end well, seeing him again. He just gets worse every time and it’s because I kept letting him back in. He doesn’t care, he can say whatever but his actions prove everything. Lies, lies, betrayal!! https://youtu.be/QHgfApzqDLM

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Yankeegirl Please don't take this wrong, but why are you doing this to yourself? Don't go into his are, don't see him unless there's no way around it because of where you work. I fell off the wagon, so to speak, time and time again, but after I figured out he was a narcissist, I had to pull the plug. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I knew if I allowed this to continue, I would be his victim for the rest of my life. Narcissists don't work with anyone unless they are real basket cases who will put up with anything. I read a lot of self help books and they really helped me. Stop allowing him to hurt you. Focus on yourself; never mind what he is doing.

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@mmadlecl thanks! Yeah it’s got to be a clean break. He is who he is. Basket case is right. He chooses women who are broken, we’re abused, etc. I can’t be around him in any capacity. I have tried being friends it doesn’t work.

You CANNOT be friends with a narcissist. At least not one that was a romantic interest at one time. Narcs ALWAYS have an agenda, always.....and it's never good. @mmadlecl is so right, you have to pull the plug. When I escaped the nastiest, most hateful, lying, creepy, perverted, egotistical, empty, abusive, arrogant, scumbag, helldog...I knew he was horrible, but it still hurt...but it's necessary. I knew I had to go complete NO contact and I dreaded it, but knew it was the only way. I didn't even know what a narc was back then, but I knew he was wrong, I knew what he was doing and I knew I would never see or hear the end of him if I didn't delete him for life. If you don't...don't wait on them to do it for you, won't happen. You're always game to a narc. I was fortunate that I won a victory over him in court when he was slapped with the DVO because it assured the NO contact. That was back in 2009, life got soooooo much better after ridding of him completely. I knew there was always the potential that later on he would try to contact me. I was right! 10 years later, yes 10!!!! In 2019, he tried to send me one of those cheesy childish "waves" on FB. I knew what he was up to. It infuriated me to think he was that egotistical to try to get a response or rise from me, but I knew if I said something nasty or responded in anyway that he was getting exactly what he wanted....SUPPLY and I was not about to give it, H3LL NO!!! So, I've never even clicked on the dot. Guys like that just sit on the internet and click on old supply over the years to see who will respond. That might sound harmless, but it's nothing but an empty creepy pervert that has an ego that needs to be stroked. Not game, don't be game, ever. Clean break....No residue. It's not just that your guy is a piece of trash, he's not going to let you off the hook because he sees you as nothing more than inventory. YOU are the one that has to cut him off, completely. No contact, no friendship, nothing....it's the only way.

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@kelly72 absolutely correct! I feel so emotionally drained that I have no energy again. When I cut him off I felt peace, energy was returning etc. Back to square one. He’s not this nice guy he pretends to be-as he says good hearted, kind, respectful, compassionate. Because he helps homeless people and others in need. Excuse me while I puke! He’s vindictive, perverted, lying, manipulative, cold, demeaning, heartless, self centered, self righteous piece of garbage! Oh yes he’s such a nice guy in the beginning that you think you hit the jackpot! Plus he will not treat any other supply differently and he makes every supply prior (including me) look crazy! He told that woman how crazy I am. Anx we laughed about it because even she knew he’s narcissistic but she hasn’t cut off yet-love bombing…I am making a clean break again. Eventually I’ll get myself back again.

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