Well today I'm off to the pain clinic for another appointmen

well today I'm off to the pain clinic for another appointment were they will go over my meds and i am hoping to get the approval for real pain meds this time mot just mussel relaxers. but because i tried to take my life in the past i had to wait a year and go back to the committee and see if they approve me this time

Good luck with that! It's getting harder and harder to get pain meds from any doctor bc of the opioid addictions that's on the rise. Have a good day on purpose either way. All the best!

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Best of luck, tell us how it goes.  Hugs!

Well I have to have an MRI oh joy fun

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@Mamabear82 How did things go in conversation with the doctor about your pain?

They used one med but no pain meds im not mentally stable enough and it hasn't been five years since I tried to kill myself

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@Mamabear82 Okay I understand and hope you do too, may you feel and get better one day at a time.