Well we made love unprotected last night, my partner knowing

Well we made love unprotected last night, my partner knowing the risks. It shows me he really does love me. It doesn't stop me feeling any less.guilty though

Man it feels good in the moment then when u finish that's when the gulit hits u after my husband and I did it without protect I cried while I held him it was emotional for me

I keep trying to convince myself that it's only cold sores and although he is being understanding and accepting I still feel so dirty and like a.waste of space
Will it ever get easier?

Yes it will and I get the same feelings sometimes but u were open and honest with him he wanted to take that risk so its out of your hands

bare in mind how you'll feel "IF" he catches it even if it's only HSV1. Consider the dynamics of it all and weigh it all out. Once he catches it, will the guilt & drama be worth it to you or will you regret it and wish protection was used?

think about it...

I'm pretty sure all that's weighed on her mind @a_survivor but she shouldn't feel guilty for a decision they both made when he knew what he was getting into it wasn't a decision she made on her own and left him blindsided she needs encouraging words not to put her down more than what she already is trust me its not easy to deal with this

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I would feel alot worse if I lied about it and didn't give him the option
I told him if he doesn't want to be with me then I understand and he told me not to be stupid because he loves me. I am hoping he doesn't catch it but I also know condoms doesn't protect you as it is skin to skin transmission

Exactly so no matter how hard we try to be safe there is no safe way but to abstain from sex but we are human we go over the little options we have work with it the best we can and pray it doesn't spread