What is the point of therapy I tried I tried I tried Group Indivudual Cognative Behaviorial all the others and there is really no point in me wasting their and MY time

I am sick of the nosey people in my life who feel that they have to know what how and will feel What medication am I taking it why isnt it working what am I not taking this that or the other Why is simply because I decided I did and I am not on that medication anymore so that is the end of conversation

Why do I need 2 casemanagers who just gather personal information about me and then get it all wrong Why do I have 2 casemanagers and then have to fight for my own medication by myself They did not even call to see if I had it I These people and this housing organization program is the worst decision that I have made in a long time I have to get out I cannot take people looking over me all of the time Meetings with no purpose How are you? What is happening? What are your goals? My goals and life expectations are my own and they do not need to be written down and then questioned about in the future and it really is none of their business anyway I am venting I am angry But there will come a day when I leave this House and create my own world again I am doing better since I dropped all of the medication and am on 1 and it is working I may not sleep I may eat junk but I feel better than I have for a long time I am saving money doing everything with Social Security and my benefits that I have to They are not even helping with that I have had it

That was a lot of air escaping I feel better now Thanks everyone for listening I am getting my computer back after a month without (beeing fixed) so I will go now and pick it up and life will go on I will write some articles and order my new computer (The money I saved up) and then live and learn for the rest of my life

If I have to have depression then Lord knows I need the Mania it gets me through life know that just around the corner there is a hypomanic episode about to happen I am rapid and it runs the course within a few weeks so I can be happen and sad and not regret it

Bip[olar RULES!!!

Perhaps your program will show its benefits in time to come.

Hugs my dear-

From Mood Disorders to Bipolar Disorder