What am I supposed to do?

I divorced my husband, it will be one year in August. I am having a really really hard time with it. I hate him more then life itself I swear I do. When we got divorced he got primary custody of our son, we have joint custody but he has primary. Right now he works on a midnight shift and I work on a day shift. He is on a four on and a two off schedule and I work monday through friday. So when he works I have our son and on his days off he keeps him. Well he has hooked up with a *#@^! and is poanning on moving in with her when our son gets out of school for the summer. So he will have him and I wont have him nearly as much, and this is tearing me up. He has also made the comment about our son calling her mom if he wanted to and this is just not right to me at all.I sometimes well alot of the times feel like I have made a huge mistake in leaving him. He does so much with his new girlfriend and all I can think is that if he would of just done those kind of things with me I never would of left him, I just cant get him or even her out of my head. And to make things even better is that we all work for the same company. Even though I dont ever see her just knowing that she is in the same building is killing me cause I really want to go up there and rip her head off.
He is going to move in with her and her three girls which are totally out of control. I just dont know what to do.

Hi Daiseygal48, I am so sorry for how you are feeling about your ex-husband and his new relationship. I can imagine how this is affecting you, but I think that it's important to move forward and to start focusing on yourself. I know how there are a roller coaster of emotions following a divorce and some of them continue on for a while where there is shared custody and your ex moves on to a new relationship. Once you've gone through the emotions, it's important to start moving on slowly but surely. If you can start outlining what you would like to start doing for yourself, then you will start to feel better and better. Try not to think "what if", I know that it's hard not to do so, but you left him for a reason, so if you can focus on those reasons, then you won't focus too much on the "what ifs". Please keep sharing with us, we are here for you.

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