What are some things you love and hate about the site?

We want to hear from you! -SG

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This is a GREAT Tread!
i keep reading posts from other disgruntled members and try to help them, but THIS is the best as i am no longer a moderator!

I too had issues to which the SG Tech Team has been helpful!

to those “other members” who are having issues, please reply here!

to @TeamSupportGroup Please Pin This To The Top so it won’t get buried!

Great idea, it is now pinned and another thing to add is that we have listened and no more badges. We may modify in the future, but for now, they are off. -SG

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I (“LOVE”) THAT IT IS A DIFFERENT COLOR and the EMOJI’S !!! But I’m actually missing the green one at this point. Tap tap tap… Where is the “How are you feeling?” !!! I don’t feel the love :confused:… i love to play hide n seek on here, where is the groups? Where there is issues, will there be tissues ?? I see no facial tissues :sneezing_face: to when a sad post has pegged on the white wall.

The reason why i came here in 2015 was because i could hide when i knew something was seriously wrong and say what i had to say. Along time ago, i offered registering if someone had mental health problems. I Strongly support this still. Maybe you can have a discussion on the picture of the day, or post riddles, share secret languages with funky paper letters cut out. There is too many crazy outside, and we have to store them on a floppy disk and sell it like their is a carousel with a pinata in here. I Liked crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t know if this was helpful but your welcome to join my paradise as long as you don’t eat too much cotton candy for breakfast. I have research to attend to still to get done. Remember, there is no escape, but who would want to leave?

What is the badge for?

Today i am thinking about capturing a lizard outside and talking to it. Half there, half-time, sometimes I am everywhere

I can’t find the LOGOUT !!!

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Kind of still hoping for some sort of friends list akin to the support and supported by structure that previously existed. If you guys are choosing stand firm on the idea that users can’t delete their posts, maybe some sort of prompt that states that before posting. I’d say, put it in the FAQ, but lets be real, new people are likely going to go straight for the post button and read FAQs later, which will be too late by then. For example, a confirmation after clicking “post” stating how and why that works the way it does. Just spitballing.

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Users now have the ability to delete. Yay tech team! -SG

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Go to the top right of the page, click your profile picture, a list comes up, click
image and then logout. -SG

Well, giddyup then. Refreshing to see a collaborative effort in fine tuning the site.

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You guys are the whole reason this site exists :grinning: -SG

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What’s Up with THIS!

There is no escaping from SG !!! My friendzzzz !!! Nobody claws away from this website EVER !! mul hahaha have fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is there anyway you tried clicking on an old saved link? The site is safe

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Yes ~ i tried to see if my “Old Bookmarks” still work in case i need info.
my desktop shows dangerous, vs my laptop goes through…

If you clear your cache and delete the old links, it should work, we had to do that as well as the links are different. For us though it would just display a message, page isn’t available. -SG

i was hoping they would link to the new platform as there is a lot of “Extremely Valuable Info” on those links AND old members who have chimed in on said thread may still be a part of it.

All your old posts should be here, go to profile icon and then activity at the top of the list
click on posts.

yes, thank you. i am very aware of this feature.
the posts from the past that i have bookmarked are from “other members”.

should i try to find a certain post under your method, i’d have to scroll through hundreds of my posts vs just clicking on my bookmark.

Not ideal. -SG