What are some things you love and hate about the site?

All your old posts should be here, go to profile icon and then activity at the top of the list
click on posts.

yes, thank you. i am very aware of this feature.
the posts from the past that i have bookmarked are from “other members”.

should i try to find a certain post under your method, i’d have to scroll through hundreds of my posts vs just clicking on my bookmark.

Not ideal. -SG

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Is there no way to change our username after we’ve created it?

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Not a fan of ads that cover the whole page. But in more positive news, I am actually really digging the new site overall. The changes in response to people’s needs are appreciated.

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hey @CKBlossom !!! Welcome to the new platform! glad you made the transition! i doubt we’ll ever see anyone from the old platform. the group i was moderator of has now been clumped together and pretty much lost.

not sure how much longer i’ll be here, but in the meantime, here i am inputting whatever i can to the powers that be to make it a somewhat better place… :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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It seems to revert back to the old username every time I log on even if I click on save.

Don’t disappear please, you are so important to this site. :frowning:
Also, your group hasn’t disappeared, it is now here: //supportgroups.com/c/physical-health/sexually-transmitted-infections/184

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I still can’t find the support I used to have. I don’t even feel safe posting anymore. Thanks for trying though, and I hope the new site helps a lot of people. I keep hoping I can find support here, so I do keep coming back, but I will probably fade away. But thanks for everything and everyone. The one constant in life is change, right? Idk. Someone recently told me that.

Somehow my password’s not working anymore. It worked last time I logged on, but now, it says that the password doesn’t match. I tried to have it send me a password reset link and never got one either.

If you changed your username the system might not immediately change, could you try to use the email associated with the account and the password? We will try and figure out why the email issue is happening. -SG

What can we do to help you feel safe? -SG

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I tried that too and it didn’t work either.

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We are trying to figure this out, we are so sorry, we will give you an answer as soon as our development team gets back with us. -SG

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There is No escaping!! Litterly it’s feels like a white padded room and i see only text. I write back “Nobody can hear you!!” :slight_smile: this is how i deal with myself with trying to get away from North Carolina. I would instantly leave here to move back home. “Aahhhhh” back in text … i should write jokes on here lalala i am not doing great lately at my job. So i am really bummed

Its been a few because I can’t log in…
Laptop and desktops keep getting error statements trying to log in.
I’m using my tablet every few days out of curiosity, but I’m basically done. With SG.

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We are so sorry this keeps happening, we would truly hate to loose you. -SG

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I appreciate this thread, personally I’ve been finding it difficult to even make posts, and don’t know where the posts will end up. As a consequence I dont know how to find the groups I was originally part of (Narcissist survivor support group & PTSD). Other people have also mentioned they cant find the other users/their support anymore, and suspect theyve left the site.

I think if you could possibly return to the group Groups we had before, it would be pretty helpful, or nest them within other Groups. The drop down menu was helpful, in vontrast to the “key words” which we have to type in ourselves (similar to throwing the dice and hoping it lands our post where we need it to be).