What are the symptoms of autism? Could someone please tell m

What are the symptoms of autism? Could someone please tell me what are ALL the signs of autism?

They vary a little and there's 5 different types of autism technically (I think) some of the more common symptoms are difficulties communicating, antisocial, repetitive behaviors or routines and OCD but its called a spectrum bc it can vary alot from person to person. You can look it up on Google, their explanation of it is pretty good.

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@Jordan5683 Thank you.

While I don't 100% agree with the gender terminology used within the autistic community (particularly those with clinical authority), however it would be really helpful to identify some gender specific traits if that applies to you. Male autistic tendencies vary wildly from female autistic traits and symptoms. When I first realized that I was autistic my mind was blown because I just couldn't believe how relatable it was, and I finally had a name for my challenges, traits, and talents. I'm currently a 3rd year college student in community health education and I just did a research project on this last term, if you'd like some resources on gender-specific traits and symptoms I'm more than happy to send them to you! I think just about everyone new to commonalities of autism would be very surprised with many of the traits-not associated with the typical male stigma/persona.

@michellemorin15 Sure, please send them to me.