What are we grateful for?

so i am watching my favorite show and its a thanksgiving episode. so right now im thinking about what i am grateful for. so what is everyone else grateful for?

1. family and friends
and 2. a great support system

love all of you.


1. I am grateful for my supporting family, though I do not feel extremely close, I know they are always there for me.
2. I am grateful for an amazing, loving, kind, thoughtful, incredible, supportive boyfriend that has stayed with me through the good and the bad
3. I am grateful for being in the nursing program at my school because its the only thing I see myself doing in life!
4. I am grateful for the friends I have found at my school!
5. I am grateful for my best friends back home who are amazing and supportive as well and whom I cannot wait to see!
6. I am grateful for the awesomely positive attitude I have today!!!!

Good Idea Liz!

Aww my Thanksgiving was last month!

u can still post gina

what are u grateful gina.

in spite of the holidays coming, we deserve self care. so im going to say that im grateful for

having hte energy to curl my hair and get dressed up every day

Hmmm Okay let's try this...

- I am thankful for the supportive friends I have met on here...those who fight for me and those who support me and those who just lend an ear....its truly priceless and touches my heart <3

- I am thankful for pumpkin spice tea <3 ...oh man its love...if any of you live in a state with Tim Hortons, check it out...you havent tasted delicious comforting tea till you've tried this one

- I am thankful for a supportive family....my mom is an angel...for the friends I have left...those are the ones who are true friends and not just acquaintances

- I am thankful for the colour PURPLE....i think the whole world should be painted purple <3

LOL those are mine!

i am thankful for my sweetheart and her family. despite all the bs and arguments they are really helpful and supportive.

i am thankful for sites like this filled with people wanting to get better helping each other.

i am thankful that one b/p is not the end of the world or going to make it rain fire to punish me.

i am thankful for knowing love. once i learned loving me comes first, i could learn to love others.

i am thankful that the 'eating' holidays (family comes together to sit-down and gorge til we hurt. i.e. thanksgiving and christmas) are mostly all at this time of year.


I am thankful for my wondeful husband, for my job which enables me to help and offer hope to others, and for my health, and that I can belly laugh!! ♥

Pumpkin spice tea...? YUM!

Oh man Kristin you have no idea…its a cup of zero cal YUMMINESS…its seasonal, only comes out around this time of year…bought 4 boxes only have 2 left panics a little :stuck_out_tongue:

well, no thanksgiving over here but i'm still grateful :-)

for my family and friends. i wouldn't be here anymore without them (still not sure if that's good or bad, but i'll get there)

for Buster and Droopey, loyal no matter what.

for nature: it's a true remedy

thanks liz for making us remember!! i always forget the good things in life...


wow----i was just thinking of this cause i always say i wish i was like this and i wish i was like her---or why cant i look like her-without being grateful for me being me.

1. i am thankful to the most loving wonderful people on this site who make me beleive in humaity onve again--when my trust was so broken from people.

2. i am grateful for my health---which my doctor procalimed was EXCELLENT last time i saw him. no, if i was still in ED im sure that would not be the case as ED robs us of our health. health is something so priceless words cannot even describe it. without it we would die.

3. i am thankful for the people who support and love me in my life.

4. i am thankful that even though i am going through financial difficulties now--i am getting help with that.

5. i am thankful for the beautiful apartment i live in with a cozy bed and lovely living room and kitchen/bathroom.

6. i am grateful for my spirit that is ceaseless to help others and love.

7. i am grateful for my abilities that i always knock --but deep down inside i know i have them...

8. i am grateful for God for healing me of ED ( evne though im not fully recovered yet)...

9. i am thankful to my amazing therapist and great doctor that help me with my health and mental state.

10. i am thankful for all of you on here...

11. i know you all are going to be like huh? on this one --but i am thankful for --FOOD! ha! yeah it tastes good and i am thankful for not fearing it as much now and tasting different flavors... such is the beauty of life.