What are you taking to relief pain for Fibromyalgia?

Hi. I was wondering what you can take to help relief the pain that Fibromyalgia causes? I am allergic to aspirin so my so called specialist has put me on Venlafaxine Hydrochlo hoping that this anti-depressant can help to relax my muscles enough to relief some of the pain although he says he doesn't see the signs of someone depressed. I called him my so called specialist because I have only seen him once and I left his office wondering how much he actually knows about Fibromyalgia. What doctor tells you basically nothing about what you have after diagnosing you except basically to go and look it up on the internet and doesn't give you a chance to ask questions? I have decided to give him a second chance. However I am trying to seek out another doctor here who knows about Fibromyalgia and is going to be a doctor who listens to me and is going to support me. I know that is not going to be easy because there are not alot of specialists around here. Sorry I have gone of the topic. Have any of you got any suggestions of what I can take or what I can do to help relief some of the pain? I try to get out and go for walks when my legs allow me , doing a few warm-up exercises first and I get in a hot bath when I am in alot of pain. I find it sometimes gives me a little relief. Apart from that all I do is try and keep a possitive outlook and try to find ways to help reduce the pain. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. Hope you are all having a good day.

Try drinking about 1/8 of a cup of sunflower oil a day. You can get it at your local health food store for about $11 a bottle. Also buy some shelled sunflower seeds (not dry roasted) from your local market. They are in the chip aisle with the nuts. Eat about 1/4 cup a day.

At my last rheumetologist(#!$%) appointment I was told that there is nothing that works for fibro pain.I kinda believe it as its been true for me.My sister has it too and is on oxycontin etc and is in still as much pain as I am.Advil and rest seem to help a little.I take ninety mgs of cymbalta daily,with no pain relief.Sorry I can't help more.

I was a patient for nine years for fibromyalgia. I attended physical therapy sessions and chronic pain classes. I was on the prescription drugs like Cymbalta and Lyrica. I tried diet and excercise along with relaxation techniques and fibromyalgia books. I had x-rays, blood tests, catscans, and MRI. I tried supplements like vitamin A, B, and C. Also, Omega 3 and magnesiam. Everything was only a band-aid. Nothing really worked. What do you have to lose by trying sunflower oil other than $11.

Magicwand, thank you! Your fibro history sounds similar to mine, except I have ADHD & herniated disc in my neck, as well. I’ve been off Cymbalta for around 3 weeks (but still take Lyrica 2x a day), after dealing with side effects for the past 4 years (stopped by my choice… may explain later or maybe that’s another support group…lol… but I believe it did help to relieve some pain, or I’m experiencing a flare… anyway, I’m going to try the sunflower oil, while continuing to take my daily doses of minerals and vitamins, because I do think they should be a part of even healthier individuals daily regimen. Thanks again, for the good advice.

I suppose if you are allergic to aspirin, you can't take Ibuprofen. That is what I take on a regular basis for my pain. I also routinely take Flexiril, occasionally I take Acetaminophen w/ the Ibuprofen, & very occasionally I take Tyl#3. Other than that, I take really superior vit/min supplements that help a lot. And the place I get the supp. from makes a line of bars & shakes that are designed for people doing a work-out--to make them burn fat & to fight the muscle fatigue & pain of a work-out; they have really helped my muscle pain also! And, have your doc check your vit. D3 level--mine was very low & I now take a lot of straight vit D for that; it has helped immensely!
The other things I do is sleep in a pillow-supported position that helps me have less pain so I sleep better, I see a massage therapist periodically, & I get chiro treatments every week. (I'm sure that w/o the chiro, I would have had to stop working many years before I did!)
I had not heard about sunflower oil--I will have to check into that.

Nothing has completely taken away my fibro pain but things have lessened it enough that I'm not completely bedridden anymore. Lyrica has helped at one time, Neurontin is now & with sleep too, a topical called BioFreeze works wonders on my achy body & I can get that at my chiropractors office for $10-$20 dependeing on size, Vit D supplements if you are low. Plenty of rest, moderate exercise on most days.

I have a book called Prescription for Nutritional Healing & there's a section devoted to Fibro. Pretty informative. It might be online.

I have learned that everybody has to find what works best for them. Hope you find what works for you.

Yes, everyone has to find what works for them, which may not be exactly what others do, however, the ideas from other sources are always good--you never know where you will get the "gem" of info from!
I forgot to mention hydration--drink LOTS of water, most people are semi-dehydrated, but when you have fibro, it's much worse to be even a little shy on fluids.
Another factor can be an imbalance in the muscles &/or skeletal alignment, etc that causes you to favor one side as you walk or something & then certain muscles are put into a position of additional work load they were not intended to have, etc. & the next thing you know, certain places can no longer function like they are supposed to! So, good shoes are a help & distributing the load you are carrying properly make a BIG diff!

Iv been put on full mg doses of painkillers: 8xparacetamol, 6xnefopam, 8xtramadol, 8xdihydrocodiene and 2x antidepressants and iburofen gel as I'm allergic to pill form I still have pain but it takes the edge off

dear one i consider myself one of the lucky ones i guess, i am on a load of meds but low dose and i take lots of rest and i am stable with a minimal amount of flares on a regular basis.

i agree, it all has to be an individualized program for each one. what works for one does not work for the other. i try to minimize the pain meds and reccommend that for anyone though, because the side effects of high doses of pain meds for most are overwhelming. that's my opinion.

your baths come highly reccommended and you might want to try adding epsom salts. follow the directions on the package or reduce the amount.

the typical Lyrica, Nerontin and Cymbalta do not work for me. so i stick with tramadol and a small low dose of methadone. really old fashioned remedies. i takes oxycodone only for flares when i end up seriously in bed. then i am asleep anyway and not enough to feel anything, just enough to sleep it through. all this does not kill the pain but it makes me functional in m y daily life.

the other most important thing is to live stress free. and to live a good live with out having a lot of emotional trials and tribulations and keeping your spiritual peace. all my best wishing you the peace of our God, maria stanisz

I mostly just take tramadol for my fibromialgia pain or when my pain is really bad I drink a generic energy drink that I buy at Krogers sometimes that's completely idental to Red Bull on days when my pain gets bad enough since regular Red Bull is so dang expensive.

Also at least in my experience, lyrica never worked for me when I tried it ,and the only thing it was good for was making me fall asleep.

That so called, "specialist" you were talking about doesn't seem like a real doctor for fibromaialgia, he sounds more like an ignorant, lazy, quack trying to scam you over for having it if you ask me.

i have taken lyrica,cocodamol,amytriptyline and tramadol but the one painkiller that works best(still doesnt kill the pain tho)is morphine for me

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