What can I do if I think my partner has herpes? He says hes

What can I do if I think my partner has herpes? He says hes itching and has a few little spots down below.. but says its thrush. Ive been really itchy after sex and noticed a few spots too. Ive only just got rid of an outbreak too! As my doc took me off my longterm meds coz im pregnant.. I presumed there wasnt any meds available while pregnant but my midwife said there is so within about a week of coming off them I got an outbreak.. the 1st in a long while. Weve had a discussion a few weeks ago and he said he wont take lots of tablets! But dows that mean we will just keep passing outbreaks between us both even if im back on long term meds? Xan he just request a blood test off his doc? IF I CAN PUSH HIM TO GO! Bought some epsom batg salts.. how much do I put in bath.. ive had enough.. dont need this ontop of being pregnant too :-/ advice please?

Does he know u have herpes

But congrats on the bby !!

Hey yes he knows I told him before we had any sort of sexual contact.. thanks for the congratulations exciting but this is getting me down

@ladydee2013 best thing to do is just stop wondering. Have him go to the doctors get tested and start on the Meds if he has it so it could stop some of the symptoms, he knew the risks and knew you had it so the blame isn’t really on u, he made that decision ! But be there for him support him who knows this might bring you two close and as for you , you need to stop stressing worry about your health and your baby’s right now. Everything gone fall in place eventually !