What can I do my wife has herpes 2 and I don't

Can anyone explain to me, why does my girl have to have the h2, and not the one that you ride with 2 friends in the back, i'm talking my wifes got the fire like the clap. im so scared to be intimate with the one im supposed to love forever.here we having our second child anyday now...did yall here me, anyday now. what am i to do. leave my kids like pops did me..shi* i barely survived these streets, what am to do love and hope that my joint don't catch fire too? uh! expplain it to me why i would rather watch adult films,rather than fill my wife to the rim like i used to. what am i to do? remember that i just turned 40 and am like still feeling like i want some grown and sexy fun play too bad that in my house that can only goes one way. don't get wrong mylady is way pass willing it just me. that **** is permanent and what if she leaves me...not likely, cause remember she loves me passionately. what am to do, i wanna do the right thing, somebody tell me what am i to do when a.d.i.d.a.s just not with the one it should be.

Sounds like your battling alot inside due to a combination of different things, past history & current circumstances. If you want to stay married would be wise to stay w/us here & talk things through unless you can afford a counselor/therapist to be able to guide you & answer more questions. If your concerns are catching a disease then discuss this with your wife so any fears can be talked about, communication is always key in relationships.

All my strengths.


We have discussed this thouroughly. The bottom line is I am trapped in a twine made of these specific components and there is only so much I can do.I can bury my head in the sand (figuretivly) hey this should be a free pass to indulge in copious amounts of fun with the internet. what else do i have? now i have love, and thats sucha precious commodity right. i really bought that one :frowning: truth is i completely understand that my today’s yearnings stem from yester-years conquest…i get that; am i wrong for wanting too maintain healthy virility while exploring our fantasies…tell me why the lord as played a cruel joke on me?

I can put that another way in reference to the lord, hes probably wondering WHY YOUR not listening to him & your playing the cruel jokes on yourself......just a thought & would be wise to seek other alternatives/options instead of digging yourself into a deeper hole. One needs to channel their energies into a more productive area & maintaining a healthy sex drive is fine unless someone is obsessing over it. Keep talking it through when you feel like it.

Take care of you.