What can i do please help

my life is hard, i've been to 15 different schools and my mind is pretty screwed up. i get frestrated and depressed to the point where i cant control myself. then i give in to the blade. the sweet, sweet blade. when i feel it cut into the skin and see the crimson pour out onto the counter, i cant help but shiver with pleasure, the blood takes the pian away, and the numbness, and i can feel again. but i know this is a problem, and i need help.

Okay. hi, i'm crimson(that is siriously my real name), and i am twelve years old. i live in a ses-pool of hell, and cut myself. i need help, and i've tried meds but they dont seem to work. maybe some stronger ones? i dont know . . .

sometimes i just want to get all the valium i can mixed with prozac, lay down, and not care anymore.

can anyone help. .. ? or am i lost forever?

Hey man...I know you're going through a rough time right now...People dno't understand you, as well as it's hard to understand this world. But don't fall in the "ses-pool of hell."
Where as you should rise above it, and show that this isn't the end.
Just please, don't cut yourself. :(
I'm 16 years old, and i've seen a lot of terrible things in my life.
And together, for everyone who has some sort of issue...we will all overcome our problems. You, cutting yourself. And my OCD.
I hope I helped you(:

Thanx, but i dont know i i ever can. i’ve been literaly and phisicaly tourtured. my head even worse the my skin.
i mean, i wish i could just show you but i cant. . . and here’s a question for you. when not something but someone is pinning you down, how do you rise above it??

Its all a long process & would be wise to talk w/your parents or someone that you trust to assist you in seeking the right help/counseling/therapy along w/medication adjustments along the way. You need someone to help lead you through this, there are no quick answers or fixes for what you've had to deal w/in your young life & are experiencing. A therapist will be capable of teaching you behavior modification & coping skills AFTER they get to know you a little while, one has to have patience & guidance to look within themselves & then start the process of HOW to deal w/it. Am glad you found this site, have you looked at some other treatment options here that may help you get some much needed relief?

All my strengths.


i've tried. . . i've tried sooo hard. i can't live like this. it hurts soooooo baddly. i want to freaking die. i'm scared, i'm lonely, and i just create more scars every day. what am i coming to? would the world be better off without me?

i so understand what you are talking about. stopping self injury is NOT easy in fact it is very very hard. It took me over 20+ years to really be able to say I am currently self injury free and I am glad to say it has lasted for about 6 years.

Your description of it taking away the pain and the numbness and allowing you to feel again I know so well. The description could have come from my own experiences.

the world will NOT be better off without you but right now you are finding it hard to live in it. I know I have been there. It is something you can get through but NOT without help.

You mention being tortured physically as well as mentally. You mention someone pinning you down. If this is a family member or you are not comfortable talking to your family, go to your school counselor or a trusted teacher or other adult. You NEED to get help. You need to tell someone who is hurting you. You need that situation to stop.

Talk to us. Many of us have been where you are in some form.

We are here for you.

i just want to go to sleep and never wake up . . . . . . i'm dead.