What do I do now?

Everyone has always been sick and coughing in this home (of origin, in and can't get out despite reaching to all sources)even when I was a child and I'm pushing 50. My heart breaks that despite doctors every week for years I and my elementary-age daughter can't have breath or dance or live life without deep, constant cough despite all the medications. I try to use some spiritual reliance because I'm so scared for us. Some home measures my parents took, a little too late, and some simple measures they can take but won't--well on top of a lot of other extreme stresses, I find it hard to look forward to each day. Would appreciate any non-religious prayers for us and just non-threatening friendship support. Thank you for your time and thoughts. I may not be able to check and respond daily, but I will check back. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.

You are in my thoughts.