What do i do?

i dont know what to do anymore. i've been suffering almost constant anxiety attacks for weeks now since i had the biggest one ive ever had where my gf i love with all my heart left me. now with the exception of short bursts i only ever have negative emotions or none at all. its to the point where i dont see the point in getting up or seeing the greatest thing in my life...my neice. i feel like nobody is telling me the truth or are hiding something from me and cant be trusted i want out of this but at the same time dont see the point in trying. what should i do?

I've had about 4 major panic attacks/anxiety attacks since my BF dumped me yesterday...to the point where I literally cannot breathe. It sucks big time. Are you on any anti anxiety meds? Do you speak to a therapist?

I am on anti anxiety meds but they haven't done anything yet and i haven't spoken to a therapist because no one is available in my region

I was on a anti anxiety medicine for awhile and i just switched. it sucks i cant control anything. Its been a week or awful panic attacks. Do you take a anti anxiety med to help you when you having a panic attack like buspirone or xanax?

I take Ativan, what meds did you take?

i am currently taking sertraline its a one-a-day pill to level it all out

hopefully it will help you. If not you shoud think about traveling a little to find a good therapist or support group to help you discuss the things that are bothering you

Yes, hopefully it works out for you...sometimes it takes trial and error, hang in there!

thanks to everybody for all this your really helping me out

No prob Max! Have the attacks been under control today?

they have been under control today and yesterday too

I am happy to hear that. I hope the next days will be ok too.

Max- Im really glad to see you are feeling better, I hope it continues for you. I think you should really try and find a therapist you can get to, keep looking, cause I live out in no whereland and I found a great therapist in a community center 20 miles away, there is another one about seven miles from me. Oddly they werent easy to find. But I am very,very glad I kept looking, she has helped me so much.
As I was a nurse for many years and worked psych, just in case you dont know, Ativan is good for an attack for some people but it is short acting and often stops being effective for people at their normal dose if they take it for a long time. Then they have to take more. It is best for short term treatment of acute attacks.
Xanax on the other hand is much better for long term anti anxiety treatment. btw, I also have horrible ptsd and anxiety problems, so I have taken these meds as well.And yes by all means everyone is different.
sertraline is not specific for anxiety but surely can help for a lot of people. And it takes a while to really work so hopefully it is now kicking in for you.
I so hope you are feeling better and continue to do so.