What do you do on an average day for work, rest, and fun/pla

What do you do on an average day for work, rest, and fun/play?

Well let's see, mom of two teenagers, personal trainer, sleep, enjoy warm baths, aromatherapy -petting n playing with my dogs n cats,, reading, crocheting and , cooking when I feel energetic-how bout you?

On and average day, I get up in the morning while my kids get ready for school, give them kissed and hugs and the neighbor walks them to the bus stop with her kids. I usually go back to bed cause I don't like to be home alone so that kills some times, I watch game shows, cooking shows, and Little women LA. I don't like scary shows, or death shows like first 48, law and order, or snapped. It gives me a funny feeling and makes me anxious, although I used to be able to watch them at one time. Then I will have lunch, something I don't have to cook on the stove or in the oven; with the fear something might happen and catch fire. Take a short nap, kids get home then its homework and laundry time and they go out to play. Their dad id home at that time and he cooks dinner. Dad leaves for work, kids and I watch a movie or play a game, read books, or do a craft. Then snack time . then bed time and a hour later their dad comes home. He eats and stays up a while then goes to bed and then I get on the computer and play pool or go to support groups for agoraphobia, or for those who are obese and are taking the steps for surgery. I only leave the house for a doc appointment, or i might sit on the porch. Everyday is pretty much the same routine.