What do you do with these people exactly? The ones you don't

What do you do with these people exactly? The ones you don't talk to that much but they insist on reaching only to brag about what they have going on?

Now I've known this "friend" l since high school. I don't have beef with her, but I don't care too much about her because she doesn't love herself enough to grow as an adult. Since we left high school, she decided to have a baby, I decided to go to college first and no kids yet. Anyways, I cut back on KIT and the passive aggressiveness is escalating. Recently, I didn't call or text any of the girls for Mother's Day as usual, I spend time with my own Mom. I haven't talked to her in months.The next early morning around 7am she sends me this pic of a letter about how her 12 yr old daughter won some program to help kids into college. It's like she was upset because I didn't acknowledge her on Mother's Day or something more? I know she is living out her insecurities through her daughter, but I can't believe how petty she has become. A few months ago, she purposely told me happy birthday one month in advance, who thinks of crap like that? What do you think is going on here? If I ask her she will deny it because she's not a truth telling person.

Why do you keep this person in your life? Especially if she's not a truth telling person? And all she does is grate on your nerves?

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Wow, I never realized that until you put it that way. YES!! That is so true, she does grate on my nerves, thank you!


Yes, you put it so nice and sweet. I am done, life is too short to deal with this.