What do you do

So just starting school, moving back in with my parents, and relationship problems have all taken a toll on my anxiety levels and mood levels and my eating etc...i am on medication, but it doesn't seem to be helping as much i i'd like.

I find myself self medicating, or scraping off my skin when i get too anxious and/or upset.

what are some of the things y'all do when you feel an anxiety attack coming on, or when you feel like you're about to break?

journaling or going for a walk has helped me in the past. sometimes just talking to a friend. something undestructive is what you really need to look for to cope with your anxiety. i have scares from scrapping and cutting and I am sure you don't want any of those.

i already have so many scars..it's like..what's the point..poeple see them all over my body anyway..might as well add a few more...i know that's not true...yikes

i just need healthy coping skills that will work immediatly...i don't know if that's even possible.

Rebe, I wish I could make it all go away for you. Your such a wonderful person & working so hard to better yourself for your future, I admire you for that. Glad your letting it out on how your feeling.

Your in my thoughts.


{{{{{{{{{{ Rebekah89 }}}}}}}}}}}}

Have you ever created a list of things that you can do to make your self feel happy?

Some people take long hot baths, smell candles, go for a walk, exercise, scrap book, volunteer, etc ...

The goal here is to do something for yourself. Do something that makes you feel happy. And, if you noticed I mentioned only things that do not cost any money. :)

I truly hope that there is something that can bring you a smile today. :)

Hey bek!

I notice I have anxiety attacks when my wild imagination has hijacked my logical thinking and is holding it hostage! This hostage situation needs to be negotiated for the release of the prisoner.

Deep breaths.
When I begin to feel anxious I sense my breathing becomes more rapid and shallow. Taking several deep breaths can beging the process of negotiation.

If it is possible, I will go somewhere quiet, my room, bathroom, closet, outdoors, etc just to get a few moments.

Now being away from the chaos having calmed myself a bit, I think about what is going on. Clearly concentrating on what the facts are and not the emotions.

Yes, I talk to myself. I talk the situation over in my head or out loud. By this time I csn ususlly talk myself out of the panic.

It's not 100%, but pretty darn good!

thank you guys so much! those are all great ideas

most of when my anxiety hits i'm home and can do those things, but a lot of the time i'm in school in the middle of a class. i start picking and scratching just trying to focus.

deep breaths i think should help.

Have you thought of assembling a self-soothing kit? Try to put in something for each of the five senses: a soft piece of cloth to rub between your fingers, a picture to look at, a little candle to smell, an iPod... Taste is kind of hard (especially for us!), but maybe some TicTacs or gum might be a good one. A lot of those things you can whip out in the middle of class (who's going to notice you getting out a piece of gum or fingering a scrap of cloth, right?), and engaging the senses helps to calm the part of the brain that reasoning can't get to. Hope that helps.

that's a great idea. i might actually do that. thank you everyone.

Listening to music is one of my best anxiety coolers.
I also like:
- going for walks
- drinking a green tea
- journaling
- talking myself through the situation
- cuddle under a pile of warm blankets
- go on youtube and watch funny videos
- scream in a pillow
- take a hot shower
- take a stack of paper and scribble as hard as I can on the top of it with a pen (the pen will usually pierce through, hence the layers)
- rip paper
- throw pillows
- play with my dog

Hope that helps!
Keep staying strong and keep fighting!!
-Paige xoxo