What does it mean to be real? Do the drugs ever actually mak

What does it mean to be real? Do the drugs ever actually make you feel like a human? I feel like an alien in this world, but I am terrified that taking drugs will take away the voices in my head and leave me completely alone. The voices are the only comfort that I have.
Is it possible to change completely?

My daughter takes a very low dose that allows her to function. However, the voices are still very quiet in the background. When she was on a higher dose and the voices left entirely, she, too, missed them. Have you talked to your doctor?

Before I found the right combination, they made me feel like a zombie. Just going through the motions but not really living. No highs or lows and no voices, but no joy or sadness or anything else either. Quit those pretty quick and found something else that worked for me. But been off those for a few months now, and not doing too good. Insurance ran out and I don't have a way to get them on my own.

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@Music_Fiend Have you looked into Medicaid coverage or disability? Sz should be covered under disability. Go to your local health and welfare office and they should be able to help you look into coverage. Good luck.