What Does 'Obsessive' Really Mean

Have you ever referred to yourself or some particular behavior as 'obsessive'?
It seems that this term is being used more loosely than ever before, to describe certain characteristics, or attitudes which interestingly enough, are closely related to perfectionism.
If you consider this in terms of personality type, what does it really mean?
Does the word 'obsessive' resonate in a positive or a negative way for you? Or neither?
Some common behaviors for those who may be labeled 'obsessive' include:
-Being so worried and anxious about making the 'right choice' that you have difficulty making even the simplest decisions....usually the ones involving pleasure or relaxation.

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well ****, i've evolved into a *thinkaholic*.....
antidote please.


Cracking up!

I'm the total "thinkaholic" but actually am getting a bit better. I used to have to take a cocktail of meds in order to get just a few hours of sleep because my brain just wouldn't shut up. Don't know when the switch happened but recently I have found that sleep meds now make me overly drowsy the next day so my doctor had me dc them. I never thought in a million years I'd be able to fall asleep without them....in fact just the thought of going off them in the past would send me into a tizzy...BUT I'm actually enjoying waking up in the morning able to think clearly because I'm no longer taking those meds. Maybe it's because I'm getting more nutrition and exercising moderately that the switch happened...who knows, probably shouldn't "think" about it too much!!

Lobotomy?? LOL!!

Harry, I have read every night before going to sleep since high school, in an attempt to get my mind to shut up! :) The Prozac... Ahhhh! :) I now can read when I want to, and sleep when I don't. :)

Jan, Jan... Always striking a chord! :)

-I'm definitely a thinkaholic. ;0)
-Inability to commit to any long-term relationship for fear that it's not the 'perfect' person. Well? Yeah...
-The workaholic who works long hours and has cut out most other areas of their life to the point that they know no other way to live. I HAVE been guilty of this... Perhaps I still am? I stopped working so much at teaching, but what did I do? I took on a second job! :P
-Procrastination or laziness? Are you unable to take on tasks or responsibilities because you know that it is impossible to complete them flawlessly? True.
-Equating productivity with worth...an intense need to fill every minute with activity. YES!!!
-An intense need to be above scrutiny: moral, professional or personal. And THIS is the real kicker!! Ouch!! Totally nails me. :P

I have ordered the book you suggested. ;0)

Love!! ♥