What does this mean to YOU?

“What you see depends on what you're looking for.”
-- Anonymous

I was thinking about this in terms of looking through the eyes of an eating disorder, but also, and more importantly, through the eyes of our true self.


Jan ♥

If I look in the mirror trying to find fat, fault, ugliness... I WILL find it. And once I find it it's hard to NOT see it. Why not look for something else? Health? Lightness of spirit? Openness to others? :)

Beautiful quote! ♥


I agree with Jen, you can find hope and strength to make it through recovery if you just look for it. If you are looking for excuses not to recover, or trying to see only the bad in yourself, then that is all you will see. The same goes for the world, if you are struggling with an ED, the world can look very dark and gloomy, but if you look for the beauty in things, you will find it.

Ditto...excuses...dont get you anywhere but trapped.Thats with everything in life including EDs. Its up to you and me to do something if we want to change things ..we hold the key within ourselves to change.Only we can change who we are,its really how badly do YOU want it.No one is going to do it for you.

I agree with Jen if I want to find something bad I WILL find it.

It's odd sometimes, when you think about the many ways we have tried to have control over our lives, yet end up losing more control than we gain (no pun intended :)
We all have much more power and personal strength than we realize..and it's worth searching for!! NEVER GIVE UP!! Jan ♥