What else could possibly go wrong!

Hello all,

So I was on my way to see my psychiatrist and I end up in a car accident before I even get there.

So, guess who spent another few hours at an emerge unit. Another ambulance ride and now a very, very, very sore body.

I am told that I was lucky. I have no broken bones or internal injuries. Just lots of bruises and sore spots. My car unfortunately is not as lucky. It is a total write off. It was a used car but I only had it for like 5-6 weeks!!

I am beside myself. I feel like I have a bad cloud over my head and it is constantly raining on me. My nerves are absolutely shot!!! My heart is racing and I can't stop shaking. I love life - NOT.

On top of everything I didn't get to see my therapist. And I am telling you I really needed to see him. The waiting list is soooo long to get into see him. Even after a visit I have to wait at least 6 weeks before I can get in to see him again.

Sorry if I am very negative here but my life SUCKS right now. I don't know how much more 'bad' I can take.

Thanks for letting me vent
Love to you all

OMG Shanna, i'm glad you are okay!!!!! You are very lucky to have only a few bruises especially if you say your car was a write off!! Sometimes it just seems as if we are down on our luck, but things will get better, I promise.

Are you taking some time off of work to recover?

OMG i cant beleive this! what happened??? how did this happen??? what happened that caused the accident???

did you get any injuries???? OMG im so sorry.

are you in the hospital now???

im so sorry all this happened to you! geez! im glad you are ok--are YOU ok????

keep being persisent as far as therapy is concerned. keep calling!!!!!

best wishes and keep us updated...


I just took two half days off work - to go see specialists. I am at a loss of what to leave my students. I am a highschool teacher. The amount of work that I have to put into putting together plans for a supply teacher are often worse than me coming in.

So, I am here at work. Today is what I term my 'salon day', the students get to work on each other or a friend from another class and I don't have to do any 'real' teaching per say. I probably should have stayed at home but I would be dwelling on everything too much I think there. At least here at work I can keep my mind occupied.

I read you post about setting goals for yourself and wanted to tell you that I purposefully do not have a scale in my house. If I did I would be on it countless time per day. This was the first thing I got rid of when I came out of the ED program at the Homewood. It definitey has kept my sanity - not weighing myself every moment of the day.

I got up this morning and had a bagel for breakfast with a little peanut butter. This is huge for me too. I usually have half a cup of oatmeal. My lunch however is still the same spinach with a little apple and raisin. One step at a time though right!!!:)

Hang in there Lilac. I am proud of you for eating your veggies.
Love and Hugs

Thanks Shanna....I do hope you have a speedy recovery.
Man oh man, my dr filled out a referal to Homewood weeks ago, I just got a package in the mail from them with MORE forms i need to take to my doctor to fill out BEFORE they will even consider accepting my application. AND im not even going through OHIP...my insurance would cover semi-private. How long did you wait to get into Homewood?

are you ok at work---like---do you feel ok to be at work --now???

i would really try to rest--as much as you can... if you go to work take it easy--you have been thru sooo much!!!!

cant they get a sub to take over for you while you heal???

good for you and the incorporating new foods---yea thats great!!!!!!!!! really good and im proud of you...

i never ever ever weight myself ever! I havent since 2006 ! yes 2006!!!!! ha!!! i would be on that freakin scale every 2 minutes if i did !!!! i still body check a lot now--but it has decreased considerable since last year---by quite a bit. but i still do it. sigh.. oh well, things will come to pass eventually...
i always always blind weight at the doctors office--and i freak out even if i am blind weighed!!!!
but im glad i blind weigh--it does work for me. im glad you do this to shana!!!


wow thats alot to happen in one day. I hope you can get to see him sooner cuz i know that feeling of really needing to go.
hope things are going well now. be encouraged though. it may help to go to a support group in the meantime. six weeks is such a long time.

I would love to go to a support group but I have not found one in my area. I live in a very rural area in Ontario, Canada. We don't have many support groups in the area. Hence the reason I am on this sight. For me it is a god sent.


do you feel better now shana---you ok???



I took today off work so that I could go to the doctor etc.. But, of course I can't get into see my doctor till tomorrow.

I am having headaches and my back, although feeling a little better, is still very sore and stiff. I went to see my chiropractor on Saturday and he thinks I have some pretty good damage. He won't do any adjusting until I have xrays done.

I call my doctor's office today but won't get in tomorrow. And then, who knows when I can get my xrays done???? I feel like a bum now at home with no doctor appointment or anything ;).

I do get to stay with my two little ones though. My oldest went off to school but my too youngest are in jr. and sr. kingergarten and so have today off. We are going to do some jigsaw puzzles together ;).

Thanks for the concern
Love and hugs

Did you get to see the doc today? I hope so, sending you hugs

hey dont you feel like a bum--you are doing what needs to be done!!!!

did ya see the doc?


Hey ladies,

I did see my doctor. I had x-rays done on my neck and back. She also want to send me for an MRI on my shoulder because she thinks I have some damage there. I can't lift my arm above my head.

I think I am starting to feel a little better. My muscles are not quite as sore. I am freaking out though because I haven't run in almost 3 weeks!!!!! I keep having to take advil and tylenol for pain and inflammation and they are starting to make my poor belly ache I think. I am trying to go without them if I can but I usually cannot make it through a whole day.

I have to drive into the city today to see my homeopathic doctor. I am dreading the drive because there will be lots of transport trucks I am sure.

I still haven't heard from the police or my insurance. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing????

Keep you posted
Thanks again for the well wishes.

im so glad you are feeling better...what about that inflammation in your lungs???



My lungs are still a little heavy. I was at my choir practice on Monday night and I was a little breathless here and there but overall not too bad.

I think my aches and pains from my car accident are overpowering anything in my lungs at the moment.

Shana, you should really take some time off work to heal and recover properly!!