What have you guys found that helps

I would love to hear everyone's home remedies for outbreak pains

My list:
LYSINE-swear by it
tea tree oil-helps with the pain so much
Corn starch-to keep them dry
Black tea bags while I'm sleeping helps keep them dry and it's soothing :)

Feel free to share yours!!!!

Honestly , rubbing alcohol 91% ,, stay stress free, the nmore you stress and think about it seems the more you get. If you get OB take the meds , they work and really not that expensive

Apple Cider Vinegar on the sore helps to heal in 3-4 days!!!

Does the apple cider vinegar burn? I read somewhere else a gal uses the natural lysine cream made for cold sores on her blisters. And another uses Proposil, but that apparently burns like hell.

It sounds weird but bleach works for me, If you have sores inside the vagina I wouldn't recommend using bleach on thoses but my outbreaks heals faster by bleach also.

Lysine (1000 mgs daily) and rubbing alcohol 91% plus my daily meds work for me.

This is my first outbreak, I think. I am waiting to hear results today, but I am pretty certain it's herpes. After doing a little reading I decided to try a combo. Epsom Salt bath twice a day, lysine cream or proposil on the blisters after bath, then cornstarch on vagina and in my underwear. Plus the meds (which I have no idea if they work or not as it's my first) I actually found the cornstarch relieving I think? the woman said her sores would be healed in like 36 hours with this. Oh yeah, and 1000mg of vitamin C and 2000mg L Lysine. I am only taking 1000mg of L Lysine because it seems like I have enough pills to take right now, my body is pissed at me.