What helps you turn your energy from negative to positive?

Had a very tossy turny night of sleep with so much on my mind both personally and professionally. Of course all of this carried right through into the morning and I'm trying to snap myself out of it. I'm going to get out for a walk, breathe in some fresh air and listen to good music.

What helps you turn your energy from negative to positive?

Working out is, for me, always a really, really effective way of taking all the negativity pent up in me a focusing it for a positive outcome.

The hard part for me is actually willing myself to do it. It's easy to get lost in this junk. It's something I struggle with everyday.

Reading, writing, watching my favorite movies/shows on DVD, hanging with friends, listing to music... It all helps. I just find that doing something physical is the most effective, as you often have no choice but to tear you focus from your emotions/mind, to your body, and thats really key.

That really is the key Neue; re-focusing your energy elsewhere is so essential in turning your energy around. You gave fantastic suggestions. Working out always does it for me, but it is all about getting myself up and out there.

yes, definitely a good walk relives a lot of stress. I've been doing 2 to 3 mile walks every day just because I had to and it helps. and exersize is the same to me, it makes you concertrate and forget a little bit about the stress.

Lookingforpeace, that's so great! Thank you for sharing. I love love love going for long walks and taking a different path everyday just to mix things up a bit. As well, playing my favorite music while walking makes all the difference. It clears my mind and puts me in a happy place.