What if weight wasn't an issue?

What if weight wasn't an issue? What if we couldn't transform ourselves through shedding some lbs. What if the scale didn't give us any sense of dread, disappointment or euphoria.

If calorie counting was no longer part of the day? If the thought of missing exercise or eating out didn't leave you awake?

Then what...how could we transform ourselves for the better...or more to the point...do we need to?
What without the need for physical transformation could make you feel great?

what a great post! yes, it seems i am trying to change myself through deiting, and excercise, and that change i want to see never ever comes, i want sometihng different--but i think the thing is here--i want to be something else besides me. so , everytime i see myself in the mirror, i get dissappointed.... sad.... i want to see someone else, and you know that will never happen? i have to come to terms with myself.... or else i will always be watching what i eat or excercising too much, or obssessing over my weightor comparing myself to others/getting envious.... ill never be happy and always be insecure.

it is amazing how i want that mirror to show me another person! i know it will always be me, so why dont i just give it up???? by wanting to be someone else i am tearing myself apart...and killing myself inside, rendering me no good. it is so sad.... but one day soon i beleive i will get to the point where, i wont worry about my weight so much or what i eat or excercise. hey, it HAS already started to work for me and i do feel a change! yet i still notice, when i look in that dang mirror, i want so badly to be someone else, and that sadness that i cant be someone else is overwhelming. but what i have to do is appreciate ME and love me as hard as it is. im getting there, step by step....

and i do beleive i will be able to embrace me one day....

i cannot change me into something i am not.


God, I only hope to find the answer to that one day....

I'd love If I wasn't an issue, One day you feel a bit cold, just reach to your bedside cupboard and take out a piece of fat and slap it on, then its the summer and you want to wear a bikini, pull the fat off and put it back into the bedside cupboard! Hehe! I'd to be like Mr.Potato head and change whatever piece I want at anytime I want. (minus the potato body shape that is!!!!)


Hey guys,
Thanks for the replies,
It was just something that came into my mind because I had become consumed with the whole thing...as which is what happens, thankfully I'm actually getting a better hold on it, or it's lessening it's grip on me...basically I know exactly why I'm doing it and that is to control my emotions.

So can you imagine a day when you switch on a different light inside you? Wouldn't it be interesting to find out what that was. Maybe you're extremely tired? Maybe you just want a hug? Maybe you want to turn you're attention to learning?...there are so many endless possibilites small and large...so just think...you minus food and weight anxiety...would mean...

Or complete this sentence...for me to find myself acceptable to me I would....

be content.

at peace.

....be recovered with new ways of dealing with life...Happy and healthy. NEVER GIVE UP! Jan ♥