What is it that makes the urge to b/p worse after a relaspe?

Hi ladies,

I wanted to know WHYYYYYYYYY its so very hard to get "back on track" after you've had a binge/purge (i guess its really the purge part).

It seems like if I go 1 day without b/p, then the next day is slightly easier to and so on (until something triggers an episode like stress, excess food, greed, etc.)

However, once I relapse, it is SO HARD to stop it.. sometimes multiple times that day and its almost a given the next day and the next...

Didn't know if something chemically happens in your brain or body that makes it this way-- and if so, HOW COME the drug companies haven't found something to STOP IT!!

Has anyone used anything that works? I've tried Prozac, Zooloft, etc. and it didn't so anything..


Hi Caroline....symptoms with an eating disorder are very much like a slippery slope, and once you have a 'slip', it's like plugging in the electrical circuit, and it all lights up....and seems to usually get worse before it gets better.
If you can remember that one slip is not a relapse, and that it does not give you the out to continue to engage in these behaviors, it might help. Maybe if you come up with a plan for eating, and for ways to cope and distract in the moment, you can be more able to get back on track, instead of spiraling downward? Medications are not cures for an eating disorder, it's about changing behaviors and coping tools.
Do you have a therapist? If so, talk to them about a 'plan'.
Wishing you well....jan ♥

I would say there is both a mental and physical component that goes along with this.

Physically, when you binge you blood sugar shoots way up and then crashes making you want to binge again!
Also, obviously when you purge you are left with hunger and its hard to make up for a completely empty stomach.

But more likely the mental aspect is what really messes us up. I think when we give in the first time we are so disappointed in ourselves that we just say 'screw it' and keep going. Its that black and white thinking that can get us stuck. "I already messed up so I misewell go all out before I start recovery again"

Eating disorders are not about the food, urges, or weight at the end of the day, it is about how we cope with life... and unfortunately the desire and strength to recover has to come from within.. not from your therapist and not from a pharmacy.

I know you can get back on track! Not easy at all but if I can do it you can do it.

thanks jan and steph ann... both of you are right.

jan- thatºs smart to say that i donºt get to give myself an out just b-c i slip up... of course, thatºs exactly what iºve been doing..

steph ann.. thatºs exactly it with me... its a black and white issue... if i mess up a little, i feel like its over and i might as well continue to mess up my clean slate.

i appreciate both of your responses.

i hear all the time eating disorders are not about food or weight but i honestly think it is for me. i am obsessed with food but average to lean size and constantly think about how i can continue this weight-size..

i wish i had a normal relationship with food and didntº want to eat an ENTIRE cake but would be happy with 1 slice AND not feel guilty.

i have so much to work on.

thanks ladies!