What is one thing that helps you STOP the temptation to bp?

Hello... Everyone knows what triggers us... stress, food, emotions... I am curious what helps you STOP b/p when you REALLY want to.

My problem is that once I get FIXATED on DESIRING to b/p, there is very little I can do or maybe I'm so weak that I unable to stop it.

One thing that worked a few times was immediately going to the gym... unfortunately, I can't do this all of the times like if I'm at work but its helped a few times.

I look forward to hearing from everyone.


Delay and distract.....thank you for bringing this up...for me, even though I never b/p, in those moments when the ED voice was loud in my head, writing it out helped me a lot...curious to see what others have to add....take care....Jan ♥

It used to help me to make a list of 'distractions' and when i got the urge to b/p i first had to try to tick of everything/most on the list in order to overcome the urge (urges usually only last for a certain time and the more you delay it the shorter an urge will be, theoretically).

so things like reading, cleaning, working out, watching a dvd, going for a walk, doing a puzzle, painting/drawing etc, anything that you might enjoy or anything that you know keeps you busy.

i do find it very hard to do this now but believe me it's worth a try. so have your list around you and go for it!

otherwise for me the only thing used to be getting out of the house which is a problem now as with my anxiety/panic attacks i dont wanna be in the house nor outside! crap situation :-(

finally tell yourself that any urge passes!! and try to fight through it!

all have a good day and keep the work up!

I can related. Once I am fixated on the food, rather it be emotional or feel like I overate because I was too hungry, I try to rationalize this will be my last time. Tomrrow will be better, but I never feel better, always feel and look worse. My mind isn't sharp and always extremely emotional. I would love to be able to find some ways to change my thinking when I get to that point. I also need a few days to reak out of the unhealthy cycle I have gotten into over the last week due to a relapse. SO i have some work to do this week and for a long time to come.