What is so wrong with me? Even in a place that someone comes

What is so wrong with me? Even in a place that someone comes to for support, I get blown off and ignored.

Nothing is wrong with you, maybe some of the places don't no what to say. So don't think it's you.

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It is not you. Who is blowing you off or ignoring you!

@redh367137 Everyone. My friends, my family… Ive had the worst year ever and it just keeps getting worse. From the separation and inevitable divorce with my wife, to losing my job to losing my home in the next few days with tons of little things in between. With the Holidays coming up everyone around me is so happy and it’s just going to be {if I make it} the first Holidays alone without my wife by my side. Without my daughter by my side.

I am so sorry about all that. That really sounds terrible but believe me there are people out here that have it worst. Just keeping putting one foot in front of the other and hold your head up high and keep going because it will get better. You can do this and make it through.

Yes, but at least you got to be with your daughter. There are a lot of women out there that wouldn't let that happen.

@redh367137 I had to leave a little earlier than planned before we started arguing. I could see it happening so I left. I miss them still. I miss my wife still. There have been a lot of not so nice things said to eachother since the separation. I know we haven’t been the same but I want to work on that, She just seems so disconnected. I look at her behavior recently and its like she wanst ready to be married and have a family, She just wants to go out and drink and God only knows the rest. I pray for her. For Him to protect and watch over her.

Well, when there is a divorce it is almost like grieving a death and everyone handles that grieving differently. And I don't know how old you guys are and when you got married or really your situation but I do know that after a time all things like that usually settle down. Just a reaction to the situation probably.

@redh367137 I am 43, she 33. We met in 2008 when I was 36 and she 26. We got married in June of 2012, had our daughter in May of 2013 and separated, officially February 1st of 2015.

The best advice i got through my separation and divorce was to be yourself .. stay consistent dont bad talk the ex and the kids will come around ... I had a few Christmas's and thanksgivings without my kids as she made it to hard on them to see me.... i stayed patient and eventually it all worked out. Wasn't easy I empathize with you .... but believe that it does and will get better ... believ ein you and the rest will come.