What is this guy thinking?

ok it started out with my wanting to be friends with him bc of the advice he gave in general and how he spoke/his views, etc. - everything was nice and started out great instantly - just talking etc - we became curious about what each other looked like - he's ok - kind of cute but OMG what a HOT body!!!! he found me stunning and also liked me in general boasting to someone about me. I am married and he has a gf but she lives in the US (where i live) and he lives in the UK. they spoke for two years on the website/skype/phone but never met - he is supposed to finally meet her this month. in the meantime this guy and i started to establish a joking repotoire with each other trying to outdo each other with who can flirt the most with others and see how many we can get (joking really) - so it became that i would just bust on him which he seemed to take well at first - that was our thing i thought. i decided to leave the site for some reason and told him (though we have each other's email addresses) - he didnt like it and all of a sudden said things to me like how he wished i could be his internet love, how he wants to make love to me like a princess, etc etc. i was flattered but then thought about it later thinking he doesnt know me that well and he has a gf - where is this coming from all of a sudden so i told him off and called him a player. we were ok after that. he knew he was or HAD been as he said. i came back on the site and we became friends again - same thing - joking, chatting, etc. a little flirting from him. now he claims to have BDD and this gf of his is supposedly very beautiful so at one point he broke up with her bc he felt he wasnt good enough for her. but then got back together. we talked about that quite some bit. he would periodicaly put up pictures of himself and only once i think i said something about a sticker being left on his sunglasses - not sure of any other comments i made actually of any other pictures except of a car he likes - i didnt say anything but jokingly posted a similar car in black on my photos bc his is white and he didnt want black (inside joke) - he at first seemed offended saying wtf??? but then told me he thought it was funny. that was the start of it all - he seemed to be offended and really pissed off but then turns around and acts completely different. ?? he also told me he defended or defends me against his gf who is jealous of our relationship and he defended me against some ***** who asked him about me with my name changes on the site. he told her to **** off, etc also saying that i was a nice girl, etc. also at one time he said he loves his gf bu that he always LOVES me too - not sure if that meant in love or just loves as a friend. but that i also was his dream girl. i just told him i was flattered (though i secretly loved it and wanted to fly to UK and hug and kiss him) and just said i loved him like a mug of hot chocolate - sometimes he has marshmallows. he liked that. a few weeks pass of nothing really going on.
then last week we were talking and he ON HIS OWN offered to do research for a career for me telling me it will help my self-esteem and jealousy issues. he went ahead instantly doing the two-hour research and came up wtih this personalized plan for me, inserting sexypants and love and kisses in the plan he sent me. his system: xmeans friend, xx means flirty, xxx means love. he constantly goes back and forth with x and xx with me but in the plan he did for me he put xxx. i recently joked a bit about a picture of him that he posted - just a headshot showing a naked shoulder and arm and he had sunglasses on. i jokingly said for him to put the shirt back on and take his sunglasses off (meaning wanting to see his eyes) - then in the same message i asked out of simple curiosity why he takes pictures of himself with his shirt off? (he wasnt even showing off anything in the recent one but i could tell his shirt was off) - i did like it but i felt i had to hide that from him and instead i joked with him. he flew off the handle and even after i apologized he was still EXTREMELY ANGRY. i waited a day or two and then asked him if he felt better and that i felt i had to walk on eggshells with him. he had no idea or acted llike he had no idea what i was talking about more or less or that iw as crazy and soooo dramatic (!?!) - he said that 1/2 hour after that incident he was fine. adn that we are fine now too. not since then he has gone on the website on and off several times but never saying anyting to me or commenting like he used to - he could very well be going on talking to his gf i am sure but i sense a distance from him though he says we are fine and i dont know what to do.
also - what is going on with him??? any ideas as an outsider reading this?

i need to also mention that he said he wanted to f me on several occasions but i dont know if thats just talk like player talk or if he is for real or whats really going on in his head.
AND currently or more recently he has said he is getting annoyed with his gf who seems to be too emotional needy and "made" him post a love note direct to her for his friends to see on that site. he said was in love etc etc, dedicated a song to her but then told me in private that she made him do it. thats just more information.

Hi Sweetjane, I really don't know what to make of his behavior other than he was probably very sensitive due to his BDD. As well, he could have been feeling guilty because of his relationship with his girlfriend or she could have possibly said something to him about your communication.

Do you have feelings for him more than a friend now? Because it seems that you two have definitely crossed over to the other side with your flirtation, right?

i dont think we crossed over - he did but he never got INTO it - just mentioned stuff - like a btw or fyi. if that makes any sense. idk. well, who knows. i have to let it go and wait.....as usual (with any friend)

I know that it's not easy to just let it go, but sometimes it's best to give a little space. He knows that you are there for him as a friend and maybe check in with him in a few days if you don't hear from him. You are a great friend, know that. He is very lucky to have you in his life.

its killing me to not talk to him (stupid crush!!!) but of course i have to wait and see if i hear from him. poor guy - if he was bullied and teased as a kid and got BDD from it on top of only having his mom (not sure about other relatives) and living with a girl he is NOT in love with but in love with another girl overseas that he has not personnally met yet (physically) - i can only imagine what things are like - though he could be handling things differently and not caring and used to it or maybe that is why he gets so angry all the time - defense mechanism?? claims to be unemotional - another defense mechanism??? i really wish i could hug him.

I totally understand how you are feeling, as you are such a good loyal friend, though give him a bit of space to deal with whatever it is that he is going through. Men are different in dealing with their emotions, sometimes they shut down and need to work through it on their own.