WHAT is this?

ok so i used to suffer with bulima.. throughout school..
im now 20 but since leaving school up to this point my eating has never been able to be what people call "normal"
to be honist i dont no what normal is anymore... when it comes to food.. i cant remember a time in my life were food hasnt been an issue.

to this is whats up.. for all the years after i got through bulima.

this is my normal food rotean..

i cant sleep at night to wel i stay up real late till about 3 in the morning..

i wake up late in the morning missing breakfast
its very rare if i have a sandwhich but normally for lunch
i just have a chocolate bar or a packet of chrips.
dinner (hardly eat much dinner). pick at it and chuck it in the bin.
then at night time useally around 10, 11ish sometimes even later than tht... i bring chocolate , crips and crappy food to my room and snack on that...

then same thing in the moring miss breakfast ect ect ect ...

sometimes when im at a friends house i will eat lunch if they make me it. i wil just act as normal as i can and eat it.
theres some days were i havent eaten propplly in days so then i will crave food and happily oder pizza round a m8s house.
so im not eating nuthing atall..

but i just want to no what this is!! and.. if there is something worung with me


To change someone's diet it is not an easy thing to do, it takes time and effort. Also it depends how you want to take care of yourself. If you really want to help, start reading about certain fruits or vegetables, also meat, fish and chicken. Start slowly, with small portions and see what you can eat or not. I learned from my grandmother; if you do not care for yourself, rarely someone will, therefore, hopefully, you will do the best you can. God bless you always.

i really do want to take care of myself, but its like im stuck in this constent thing that i just cant get out of. i feel like i have forgotton how to have a rotean.. simpily cause i cant remember the last time i had one. this has been something that has effected me from a very young age.. its getting out of hand.
maybe i should see a doctor??

xxxgod bless you also!!!!