What is with dates and days of the week? My Mom, early stag

What is with dates and days of the week? My Mom, early stages of Dementia for a long time now - maybe even before the actual start of the Dementia I don't know. She got very bad with keeping track of days, dates and even times of day. Wondering if anyone else experienced this? Is it somehow connected to their eyesight? Her handwriting got poor as well. I remember hearing once that Dementia sometimes causes hearing problems but does it cause eyesight problems too? Is she just not interested anymore?
Any opinions or experiences would help.

From what i understand, it is common for patients to loose track of date and time. We purchased a day date desk calendar and my parent seemed to like it. It was up to us to change it daily. Can pick one with humor or comics. Keeping things light hearted. Not sure about the vision thing. My parent had vision problems. Even after cataract surgery she complained of vision problems. She tried to describe but she couldnt find the right words.

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Took me time to find the day date calendar with large print and the day of week name, in addition to date number.

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@bebobaBetty Thanks friend. I am wondering if she would even pay attention to that. The SNF has a huge calendar up right near her clock and it seems she ignores both of them too. And as you said…I would probably be the one who would have to change it. Also the place she is in passes out “this day in history” has little tid bits of trivia, she will read that and show me but the one day she kept one from 2 days prior and proceeded to tell me “Look at what happened today in history” Ugh, I guess this is one more thing I have to roll with.