What is wrong with me when everyone seems to get under my sk

What is wrong with me when everyone seems to get under my skin! I truly think it’s me.

That's because we have 5 good nerves, and people that knows how to work a nerve can work at least 4 of our 5 good nerves leaving us with the one bad nerve feeling crazy! Hahaha
The key is to.... stay away from people who works your nerves.

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Built up frustration can cause people to be on edge. You need to vent. Get it out of your system. Go for a long walk. Do something which makes you feel you have power and control over your life. Is there something you've been wanting to do?

@Inmylittleroom Actually I walked around my building at work and it did help

My best guess is probably somewhat similar to @Inmylittleroom . When that is happening to me I try to look at the bigger picture and see if there’s something that is stressing me: for example diet , sleep and yes people in my life. I’m more about changing things. trying to De-stress, simplify and if it’s something at work/home/school that we can address , great , but we have to address it one way or another or we’re just going to deteriorate. Things do not generally improve if we Make no effort to change them. Keep a journal and look for patterns of possible triggers and anxiety/panic/frustration.....
Hydrate, watch what you eat, be healthy, exercise.......

@Pauline1234: I would never say that there’s something wrong with you but there might be something wrong with your environment that needs to be addressed . internal environment(body, food…) external environment (other people) but your distress is a warning that tells us something/someone is treating you, or you are reacting in a way that’s making you feel unhappy. Lots of toxic people out there unfortunately and we need to have very strong boundaries to keep ourselves protected.Some of you know , I’m having an issue with a neighbor who is turning out to be a major bully and it’s stressful. . all I can do is maintain my boundaries and hope for the best. Even when she’s yelling in my face. :frowning: If she escalates to the point where I feel unsafe, then I’ll have to get some type of legal protection. I hope of course that it doesn’t come to that. But we often do have options and we do have choices , even though they’re not much fun at all. :frowning: