What led you to choose your screen name ?what brought you to the site

you'd be suprised by how much the different support groups have in common.I want to try to bring posts from different groups together for cross-group support with a lighter approach to all our coninued healing.A lot of user names are simple to figure out ( ie: my name)some are self explanatory.I'll bet a little thought will help you share why your particular screen name was chosen-this just might help our continued recovery-care to share ?

Donnak what a really good idea, my screen name comes from a movie, I know some of you might of seen this movie and others of you might not of but I got it from the movie a little princess and a quote that has really stuck with me. And this is how it goes.

Miss Minchin: Don't tell me you still fancy yourself a princess? Child, look around you! Or better yet, look in the mirror.

Sara Crewe: I am a princess. All girls are. Even if they live in tiny old attics. Even if they dress in rags, even if they aren't pretty, or smart, or young. They're still princesses. All of us. Didn't your father ever tell you that? Didn't he?

So that is where my screen name come from


Mine was a nickname from my high school days : ) All but forgotten except for a few close friends.

i'm boring, mine was my email.....of course there is a story behind it that i won't go on about.....what originally brought me to the site was chronic pain and there are people here and they know who they are that helped save me back when and continue to do so. i have made great friends here. great idea donna, keep them coming you sassy chick you!!!

Donna, I smiled when you said you truly are a princess, now that I think about many people have said that to me and it makes me feel good when people say that.

And to what brought me on to this site is support mainly for self harm but now I get support for other things as well.

What about you?

dear Donna, lol! in the very beginning i thought your name was donnak, litterally and that you must be a male hee hee i had a hard time figureing yours out isn't that funny i can be so litteral sometimes! my handle stanisz is in honor of my mother who i just realized is 100% pure Polish and i am very proud of her for this not that it means anything at all,but she was always ashamed of being Polish and i want her to be proud of her heritage. Stanisz is the Polish spelling of my middle name Stanish which is my maternal grandmother's name. i actually never gave it much thought when i named myself and didn't think i would be communicating that much with others.

what brought me to the site was searching for info/support for my son in regards to his schizophrenia and i have found help and support for that and other issues beyond my wildest imagination and also developed a whole other prayer life around it too!

thanks for asking, what a great topic.

I play an old samick guitar that I got from John Frusciante when he came to play either at the MEPS center, or walter reed while i wuz recovering one time. (i forget where really, blame the lesions)

He got it from someone in the group kansas. I got a picture of him in his apartment with the guitar on his couch, and there is a video on utube somewhere of kansas playing with my guitar in the back ground for a couple bars during a song. I studied music theory while at AU, and used to be able to play really well before my condition got so bad.

so 'rocks a samick guitar' is my name on here, and utube. used to be tuesdaynightmusicclub, cause that is the name of the music group that meets at Eleanor's, a bar in Oakdale, Long Island, sheryl crows first album, and i was tuesday night music club on utube b4 two mean roommates took down my videos, closed my email, and bid on my ebay items.

I found this site after relentless searches for epilepsy groups in my area, and other social peer to peer connections outside of the hospital, or medical field. On the night I found this site, I wuz pretty close to, er, um, well, you know...calling it in.

I am relieved that there wuz more support out there, and I did not feel so alone. I found people in cities i used to live in, but no one even close to me, so that is a drag.

Thanks for everyone's support, you great bunch of awesome "couch trip" fill in actors!

hey honey, cool screen name hun and back story. k to was on the verge of suicide many many days b4 i happened to find this site. saved my life and continues to do so. and hun speaking of actors, my son is one and right niw is witha traveling theater group for youth k-12th grade. does work shops during the school year and is gearing up tp play aladin in summer stock. loves his job, so good to get more info about dear.

thanx guys-I came to this site cuz I was looking to support someone when I was feeling guilty about not giving newcomers my phone number at AA.I wasn't really sure where I was gonna go with this but here I am getting support myself.I spent some time thinking about how I'd joke to fellow AA members that I have "all the letters" I never realized how seriously my past and my disease had everything to do with all the bad choices I'd made and so I went through the entire list and joined numerous support groups but honestly I probably will stick with my basic alcohol,bipolar and incest . not really trying to quit smoking,not suffering too badly from arthritis,drugs were numerous and regular,left my abusers,don't interact with my birth family; but my recovery IS based on the 12 steps.I don't care if nobody else on this site goes to meetings "attraction rather than promotion" I know that I'm powerless over just about everything and came to believe that a power greater than myself HAS restored me to sanity.So God Bless the people who created this site-I knew that I would help myself by helping others;but I didn't know that others would help themselves by helping me!Have a happy happy :}

beautifully put donna, funny how that help you helps me thing works eh? i to arrived on the site for one specific purpose and found a list of groups that i can help and they ca help me. then there are lovey cakes like you hun. thanks again for adding this post.

I go to meetings, and i have all the letters as well. I lived in Akron, Ohio, and went to many Founders Day events.

what are these letters you and donna are talking about? never heard of them, explain please. thanks hun

ooohhhhh never heard that statement or had the groups stated that way. oohhh that step one is really handy for "everything" isn't it. thanks for letting me know. now i'm a bit more educated

hehe oh donna one....i guess its true what they say, you can't learn nothing if your always talking, well there ya go now we can both jump on step one for tongue waggling hehe

my name was made because of a self defense class I took focused on building confidence. it stands for the terrible treachery, which is supposed to be my fighting name. to me it symbolizes empowerment.
I found this site on google actually because there are no support groups close enough to where I live for me to attend. I decided I needed to resolve my problems, that I had waited long enough. then I found out there were other things on here that I've been through and recovered from that I could help people heal from. it's been a really wonderful place thanks to all the wonderful people here.

triple t hun, cool and uplifting story. it seems most folks seek out the site for one particular reason and end up in multiple groups. its the grandest feeling to help people....i see you new to support groups so welcome aboard dear. lots of great people here.

dear donna - that is so funny stan huh? i get it why not, never thought that would come out of it but i can totally see it now! ha ha hehe!! thanks for the laugh back! i am really loving this communication like i never thought i would.

this is such a great topic thank you for posting it!

you friendly prayer warrior, marie

ok the daft one here does'nt get it, thats ok

look at you maria laughing out loud, what a joy to behold

donna...see i'm not the only one you have rotfl

Hi, well i think mine is pretty clear. I hope that one day life will get better. But on the other hand i hope one day i can be at peace. Peace comes in many forms, i dont care what form it comes from i just ant peace one day.

oneday hun, thanks for explaining the oneday meaning. honey life will get better it ebbs and flows…and i agree with you dear. PEACE. i am a catholic and in part of the mass it says “grant us peace” tear up everytime for years…now even more so as i know how precious peace is in this kaotic world and the things we need to tend to. thanks again honey