What music makes us feel good bad or just mellow?

its gettin close to that time of year again when we are bombarded by xmas carols of festive things and it made me wonder what does music do for us?

if u had to have three songs what would they be and why?

for myself i would like

bonjovis bed of roses romantic fantasy but has all sorts of possibilities

dr hooks whose gona just cos i often wonder who wil do these things if i dont

and meatloafs lifes a lemon and i want my money back cos this sums up some days

so what music speaks to u and why?

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes

D :)

Louis Armstrong - What a wonderful world, cause we Can make it that way.

Eric Clapton - Layla, reminds me of watching the sunset w/someone I love.

Beach Boys -California Girl - cause I am.

Take care of you.



Interesting question. But narrowing it down to 3 songs is hard.

I will have to give this some thought.