What next

My wife has HD and was diagnosed stage2A in may 2010. 5 enlarged nodes in her neck, mediastinum and paratrachael.

She was originally scheduled for 6 cycles of abvd but shortened to 4 after interim pet showed cancer was still active and response to chemo was suboptimal

She was sent for radiation consultation and radiation oncologist has informed us that radiation is not an option because there are too many nodes involved and we would have high risk of lung failure or cancer

So now we are scared and looking for answers. We will be seeing our oncologist next week but does anyone have any experience with similar situation to my wife? Next steps for treatment , clical trials? Etc. What iss scat like vs. Regular abvd chemo?

Also does anyone know of a good oncologist in the Ottawa area?



Hi Greg, I was sorry to hear about your situation, getting cancer on its own is enough to deal with let alone it not being that effective.
I can't offer you any advice on the subject you need, I endured 6 ABVD treatments and one month of radio for stage 2a NSHL. I hope there is someone among the group who can shed some light on your time.
Best of luck and stay in touch

Have you looked into escalated BEACOPP? It is pretty intense but it works really well! I had lots of swollen lymph nodes in my neck and had a large mediastinum mass in my chest. I had a poor response after 4 cycles of ABVD and then did 4 of escalated BEACOPP. After the 2nd cycled of escalated BEACOPP it showed it was pretty much gone except for 1 tiny spot. After the 4th round it still had that small spot but was even smaller and now I am doing radiation.