What not to say to someone with autism

an interesting article on what not to say to those with autism:

"A few weeks ago I shared a list of 21 things not to say to a person on the autism spectrum, and promised to suggest alternatives. Obviously the list of 21 things not to say are things that we ALL say out of frustration, and in the HEAT OF THE MOMENT AND WE JUST WANT TO SCREAM, and who can blame us? But here are some alternatives that I propose. Feel free to share your ideas:

Keep in mind these are all “in a perfect world” ideas. I’ll never forget the first time I asked the speech therapist what I should say to Matthew when all he wanted to talk about cows, lights, fans and gates.

“It is inappropriate to talk about that right now. We are going to talk about something else.”"

read more here: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/lshumaker/detail?entry_id=78846


lol im laughing i spend my days discussing stairs, the pretty lights and if we need to eat again right this minute,

she loves the dark days when we have mr light on and we spend hours chattin to them and as for mr stairs and mr hungry we couldnt survive without them but i know what u mean about a perfect world

lets hope it happens

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)