What obstacles did you have to overcome before your spouse (

What obstacles did you have to overcome before your spouse (if they're able-bodied) said they wanted to marry you? I've explained parts of my story, but I keep hearing oh so subtly from people in my life that because I don't drive, I'm less of an adult... and I have just cause for not driving, and I don't believe that, nor the other things I struggle with on a daily basis (simple tasks like styling my hair because of the muscle tension, cooking because I shake far too much even with oven mitts on, and being easily startled and frustrated in everyday life, especially in my line of work-call center, which I hope to change soon) make me any less worthy of a successful marriage than anyone else. I do want to marry for the right reasons, but I don't know what it would take to get to that point. Been in my current relationship for almost 3 years...am doing everything I can to become the wife my future husband will need... help me, please.

Just because you don't drive doesn't make you less of anything, I know plenty of people that don't drive and live successful lives. Being employed and and being in a relationship already proves that you are a very capable person.

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