What should I do?

I had my bf of 2 months baker acted yesterday... we thought it was drugs but it ended up that he was schizephrenic... i went to see him tonight. He looked at me like he hated me..and tried to go after me.. what should i do? he started his meds today.. and visitations arent til saturday. Should i stand by him and go see him or leave him alone? now knowing what i know.. how do i know if he really wants me around. His parents might not go see him for awhile.. everyone needs support.

Hey Robin8585, I'm a schizophrenic too , when I had my breakdown and went to hospital, I used to hate my parents and had mistaken thoughts about them due to my illness, But I used to wait for their phone calls on fire, because visits weren't allowed at the first week . the mistaken thoughts will go with medication,time and supportive people. a patient will get back to normal thoughts , many do .
new meds are a miracle , hope your bf will be better soon.
visit him as much as you can but don't push on him , be friendly , and don't expect much in the first months of therapy.

My fiancee was recently diagnosed with schizophrenia as well, he is lucky though and his meds are working fast and well. However it did take about two weeks for him to get real results, what i have found with him, is that the more stress he encounters, the more aggressive his illness becomes, I do what I can for him by educating myself and helping him to become educated about the disorder, and not pressuring him about anything right now. Just let your boyfriend know you are there for him and give him a chance to accept this for himself and educate yourself as much as you can.I have learned far more on the internet than I did from any doctor, there are a lot of great sites. I wish you both the best, I know exactly what you are going through. Last week my fiancee went to his brothers refusing to come home because he was sure i was trying to have him locked away. A few days later he came home and has just been resting as much as he can, for now the paraniod feelings and the hallucinations seem to be going away, for that i am thankful. Just remember he is just as scared or more scared than you are, just remind him that he is not alone.

The best advice ever gypsy79 ,
but what websites do u read about schizo. I only know schizophrenia.com .

I go anywhere that has any little bit of info about schizophrenia. I look up the different meds used to treat it, i look up success stories, statistics, treatments, alot of it is pretty reduntant as you probably already know, but I just keep looking anyway. Before my man became ill, I (like many others who are naive as I was) thought of schizophrenia as "crazy people" now I really hate that term. Cuz it has got to be the most horrendous thing to happen to anyone, and I am not even experiencing it first hand. But it has robbed so much from me and my family. So I really had a lot to learn, I still have a lot to learn, But I know if I was the one suffering what he and so many others suffer, i I wouldn't want to go it alone. Through the fear and through the confusion and the tricks his mind plays on him, he is still in there. I know its not exactly scientific, but the other day I went to you tube and checked out what they had on there, I lost patience with my slow computer so I didn't get very far, but every little thing that can help me to understand what he is going though, the better.